Tips for Writing the “Why Do You Want To Go To Our College” Essay

 Making the big jump into college can be nerve-wrecking enough with the college selection and application process. Then there is the supplemental essay question masked in many forms like “Why are you a good fit?” or “Why do you wish to attend our college?” It is the same question colored a different way. Imagine all … Read more

Will Applying for Financial Aid Hurt My College Admissions Chances?

Understanding “need-blind” policies in College Admissions   Most colleges operate within a ‘need-blind’ agenda which basically states that financial need will have no role in the admission decisions for low-income students. Further stating that financial need is not to be treated as a negative characteristic for those low-income students who desire college. On the flip … Read more

Tips for Parents on How to Help Your Child Choose the Right College

Your child is about to embark on an exciting journey. College marks a special new phase in life, which is why the two of you have to make the right decision. A young individual may still be clueless about professional development in the future. Your guidance and experience will be invaluable in this situation. What … Read more

11 Experts Reveal The Best Course/Certification to Become a Travel Agent in Canada

[wpsharely id=”629″] [/wpsharely] While becoming a travel agent, some programs can be costly and lengthy. The path to becoming a travel agent may include certifications, degrees or just plain old experience. Experts reveal which route will help future travel agents get the best start in the business. Certificates Most of the experts interviewed believed that … Read more

10 Mistakes to Avoid Making as a Freshmen

Being a freshmen is tough. Living on your own for the first time means new ways of dealing with your responsibilities, new experiences and new knowledge. It is easy to make mistakes in this transitioning period. Avoiding the following mistakes will help you navigate your first year of college without damaging your grades, your friendships … Read more

5 College Debt Myths Every Student should know

Statistics show that most college graduates are already in debt. Only 34.4 percent of all individuals attending universities manage to graduate without taking a loan and having to make repayments. More than 18 percent of the graduates have to repay 10,000 to 19,999 dollars in debt, 15.5 percent have to repay between 20,000 and 29,999 … Read more

How Technology is Changing Student Learning for the Better

Technology is cool, technology is fun but it can be much more than that. The members of the new generation have grown up with a laptop from the age of two. These individuals have a completely different manner of studying and exploring the world from the past generations. This is why technology has already made … Read more