Best Online Programs Master’s in Sports Management

Combine a passion for sports with a strong business background and gain entry into an exciting industry. The sports industry generates over $200 billion each year in revenues. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report the sports industry is expected to grow by 22 percent annually well beyond 2020. Business savvy professionals are offered a … Read more

The Best Online Programs Master of Science in Nursing

Nurses that are looking for even better professional opportunities should think about getting a graduate degree in the field. A master in nursing (MSN) degree enables professionals to work as nurse practitioners, certified clinical nurses, certified nurse anaesthetists and as several other specialised experts. If you’re already working as a nurse or you’re looking for an … Read more

Five Hardest Online Degrees in 2016

To practice some of the best-paying professions, you’ll need to complete quite challenging academic programs. Professionals like engineers and surgeons have to go through years of intense studying before they can begin making serious money.Wondering about the hardest degrees that can be completed online? Needless to say, you can’t become a physician by attending a … Read more

Best Online Programs Master’s in Healthcare Administration

Professionals that have degree in healthcare administration play an important role in the management of medical facilities. A graduate degree in the field is a wonderful opportunity for accessing better paid and more lucrative employment options. Various universities have online master’s in healthcare administration programs. Needless to say, the quality varies from one college to another … Read more

Best Online Programs Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Focusing on business and entrepreneurship during your academic studies is a wonderful opportunity for enjoying career stability and advancement opportunities. This is one of the main reasons why business administration has remained a top major for so many years. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is ideal for practically-oriented individuals that want to find a good … Read more

Five Best Paying Online Degrees in 2016

When choosing higher education, it’s important to be practical and to think about the future. Certain degrees give graduate better professional opportunities and a chance to earn a much higher salary than their fellow alumni.In 2016, certain career will continue rising to prominence and they’ll result in lucrative employment opportunities. The following list features some … Read more

Best Online Programs Master’s in Social Work

The career outlook for professionals in Social Work looks extremely promising as the demand is increasing yearly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 25 percent job growth anticipated for social workers in the next few years. The expected job growth is a result of demand by the healthcare and social services … Read more

The Best Online Programs in Hospitality Management

The tourism and accommodation fields provide dynamic and interesting career development opportunities. If you’re confident in the decision to begin working in the respective niche, you should pursue a university degree in hospitality management. Several academic institutions already give their students access to high quality web-based programs. Here are some of the top learning opportunities in … Read more

Six Easiest Online Degrees for 2016

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Best Online Programs Master’s in Health Informatics

Entering the medical field will give you superb opportunities for enjoying workplace stability. You don’t have to pursue interactions with patients if you don’t think that the specific type of work will be ideal for you. The medical sector features other lucrative career development opportunities. An online graduate degree in health informatics will give you an … Read more