Do Real Accredited Universities Offer Life Experience Degrees?

Google life experience degrees and endless fake degree sites will pop up. Some will even blatantly state your degree is ‘accredited’. The more frightening aspect of this is there are actually people who will fall victim to the scam, spending a lot of money in hopes of validation. On the next level, there are even … Read more

Are There Good Online MBA Programs That Require No GMAT or GRE?

Older, non-traditional students have set the premise for no GMAT or GRE requirements for MBA programs. These standardized admission exams as academic preparedness indicators seem to be less important than life or career experience. Currently there are 136 accredited MBA programs available online which require no GMAT or GRE exam. More and more top MBA schools … Read more

List of Fake College Accreditation Agencies

Awarding credentials has taken on new avenues of deception. Diploma and degree mills are popping up online like wildfire. Degree mills are diploma-for-money companies using the distance learning platform as a disguise to provide fake degrees. The more intense degree mills will create a fake syllabus for non-existent courses and even sell recommendation letters from … Read more