What is an Associate Degree?

Associate Degree

Associate Degree An associate degree is an educational program pursued after secondary level usually an undergraduate degree offered by universities. An associate degree lasts for two years. Associate degree plays a vital role in ensuring learners are equipped with proper knowledge and technical skills that will get them employed or explore their studies. Associate degree … Read more

Top Culinary Schools in the World

Culinary Schools

For many people food is a huge part of their lives. We don’t mean this sarcastically but literally and  accurately speaking food and the making of it is their passion. Individuals strive to make their culinary dream of running their own restaurants, bakeries, or of writing menus and preparing Gordon Ramsey level type food come … Read more

Cardiovascular Perfusionist Salary

What is a Cardiovascular Perfusionist? Cardiovascular perfusion is a career solely focused on providing the normal functions of the heart and lungs during open-heart surgery. This allows the heart to be stopped to facilitate cardiac surgery. Due to the nature of the cardiac surgery, the surgeon needs to work on a still heart, during this … Read more