What is an Associate Degree?

Associate Degree

Associate Degree An associate degree is an educational program pursued after secondary level usually an undergraduate degree offered by universities. An associate degree lasts for two years. Associate degree plays a vital role in ensuring learners are equipped with proper knowledge and technical skills that will get them employed or explore their studies. Associate degree … Read more

An Overview of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs

Also called mental health nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses play an important role in the recovery of patients that suffer from psychiatric conditions and illnesses. These healthcare professionals have an array of employment options and the career development potential in the field is significant.  In order to find employment as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, it’s important … Read more

How to Get Health Insurance as a Student

So many students lack an idea about a challenging aspect of going to university. This aspect has nothing to do with academic importance but it’s the key to student wellbeing. It’s getting the right health insurance. In the past, it wasn’t very easy for students to pick an option that would provide sufficient coverage in the … Read more

4 Most Affordable Online Degrees

Online degrees offer a good opportunity to the people that can’t dedicate a large sum of money to completing their education. These programs, however, aren’t created equal. Some online degrees are much more affordable than others and they also come with financial assistance options. If you’d like to complete your higher education on a limited budget, … Read more

3 Best Online Hospitality Management Programs That Will Lead to Travel Opportunities

Hospitality management programs provide amazing career development opportunities, plus they give professionals in the field a chance to travel and explore the international industry. The demand for experienced hospitality management professionals is growing. This is why many universities have started offering online degree programs. If you’re interested in becoming a manager in the field of hospitality … Read more

5 Best Online MSW Programs

A master’s degree in social work (MSW) opens many doors because it’s versatile and it allows for numerous types of career development. Due to the high interest in such programs, universities have started offering online degree acquisition opportunities. Some of these online curricula are much better than others when it comes to preparing young professionals … Read more

Guide to Finding Work as an Online College Instructor

Do you have a career roadmap for you future which embraces the flexibility of working from home and setting your own hours? Teachers now have a variety of options with the implement of online colleges. As online education becomes more popular, there is a huge demand for instructors to teach college courses. Freedom Finding work … Read more

Any APA Accredited Online Psychology Programs?

The American Psychological Association (APA) is the acceptable standard for all areas of accreditation for professional psychology degrees. The APA will only accredit doctoral programs revolving around clinical, counseling or school psychology. They will approve three types of doctorates: PhD, PsyD and EdD in the psychology field. Bachelor or master degree programs are not reviewed … Read more

5 Ways to Earn College Credit for Career and Life Experience

Finally the world is recognizing life experience as achievements worthy of college degree acknowledgment. This makes perfect sense for older college students trying to propel their educational goals in a more proficient direction. Yet most of these ‘college kids’ have no idea this option exists. It is not a well-advertised one and only in the … Read more