Six Easiest Online Degrees for 2016

You want to finish your degree quickly and without working multiple grueling years for it? Want to enter the workforce as fast as possible? The following easy online degrees may be the ideal opportunity for you. Here’s a list of the most unproblematic online programs that will definitely be worth giving a try in 2016.

Health Science

A degree in health science usually can be obtained in four years. It’s an undergraduate program that focuses on sciences (chemistry, biology, physics), healthcare policies and administration, organizational management, patient care and common medical terminology.

It’s an excellent opportunity to find a career in the field of healthcare if you aren’t interested in direct work with patients.

Many colleges have health science programs available online. There are no labs and practical exercises, which means that the degree doesn’t come in a hybrid form. People that have studied health science can look for employment as health service managers, health system analysts and pharmaceutical company sales representatives.


This is another broad and easy degree program that can be completed online. An added bonus is that people who graduate with a degree in communications have many professional fields to choose among in the future (media, broadcasting, marketing and web development are just some of the possibilities).

A degree in communication studies will typically focus on debate, humanities, articulation, written communication, interpersonal communication and behavioral science. As you can see, none of the components require campus attendance and the program is particularly suitable for creative individuals and the ones enjoying writing/public speaking.

The potential careers for people having a degree in communications include a political copywriter, a spokesperson, a reporter, a PR and marketing expert and even a digital copywriter.


If you’ve always wanted to have your own business or you’re interested in managerial positions, consider acquiring a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship. As more and more young people are going down the freelance path or they’re considering a home-based startup, entrepreneurship programs have gotten more popular. Many reputable colleges already have such online programs.

The typical entrepreneurship program will focus on studies like advertising, financial planning, retailing, management, technology management and product development.

People that have a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship should consider starting their own business or getting employed as managers, business development consultants, online commerce experts and marketers.

Computer and Information Science

This may come as a bit of a shock but online computer and information science programs are considered some of the easiest. People that have a particular interest in math and sciences, however, aren’t going to find the completion of this undergraduate degree tremendously challenging.

Computer and information science focuses on a broad range of topics in the field of technology. While completing course requirements, students will learn about operating systems, software development, web development, computer organization and data structures.

Common career paths for these graduates include technical support, system administration, website design and development, software development, system analysis and network administration.


Degrees in education are also among the simplest to obtain and dozens of colleges have already developed distance learning opportunities. No campus attendance will be necessary to obtain an associate’s, bachelor’s or even master’s degree in education.

Students that are interested in the field can choose among several specialization opportunities. There’s elementary education, special needs education and adult learning curricula. The selection of one niche or another will mainly depend on personal preferences.

People that acquire an online degree in education should consider a career as a teacher or a private tutor. Many of these professionals also build a successful academic career and move on to become college professors.

Political Science

This is the final entry of our easy online degrees list. Political science is a theoretical major and students can go for undergraduate or graduate distance learning opportunities. There could be debates and interactive activities but most of these can be completed online via live streaming.

An online bachelor of political science degree program focuses on numerous interesting areas like internal affairs, international affairs, conflict and conflict resolution, history, government structure, political communication, philosophy and ideology.

People that have studied political science move on to become analysts, campaign researchers, public administrators, political journalists and even diplomats (if the chosen program also focuses on international relations).

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