The Best Online Chemical Engineering Degrees

Acquiring a degree in chemical engineering will involve a lot of hard work. These programs put strong emphasis on chemistry, math, biology and physics. In addition, students go through the details of the most important engineering principles. Needless to say, chemical engineering programs aren’t created equal.

Obtaining a chemical engineering degree online is a convenient possibility for learning everything necessary and getting to enjoy a wonderful career in the future. Various universities have such remote programs that will appeal to students living far away and the ones that are too busy to attend campus activities.

1. North Carolina State University ’s Master’s Program

North Carolina State University has the best graduate chemical engineering program. According to data, this is one of the programs that feature the highest return on investment – 9.9 per cent on an annual basis.

In addition, students get access to quality technical support. Live streaming video and well-developed online study guides help students get the most of the program and access all of the essential information in a convenient, easy to digest form.

Upon the completion of the program, students will obtain a Master of Science degree in chemical engineering. Depending on the amount of time that students can dedicate to their courses, the program can be completed in a period ranging from three to five years. The program consists of 30 credits and some of the interesting courses included in the curriculum include polymer science and technology, thermodynamics, advanced chemical reactions in engineering, molecular cell engineering and colloid science.

The program is identical to the chemical engineering degree offered on campus. All of the lectures are captured and digitalized. Exams and activities, however, need to be completed according to a certain schedule.

2. Stanford University ’s Graduate Program

Stanford University is another academic institution that has a lucrative online chemical engineering program. The program consists of 45 credits, which makes it quite comprehensive in comparison to other online options.

Depending on the amount of time that students can dedicate to the program, it can be completed in a period ranging between three and five years. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that attending a few of the campus activities will be essential for getting the degree.

Some of the courses included in this program are semiconductor processing, protein biotechnology, functional organic materials, biopolymer physics, energy and catalysis, biological chemistry and nanostructured materials for energy and the environment.

3. Legigh University Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

The Legigh University distance learning program requires 30 semester hours of graduate work to be completed.

Some of the courses included in this program include chemical engineering thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, polymer science, heterogeneous catalysis, polymer blends and composites, polymer interfaces and mass transfer.

The program is open to all students that have acquired their undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from an accredited academic institution. Even students that have another type of academic background are encouraged to apply and depending on the courses they have taken, a program will be created for their needs.

4. Master of Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Anyone who’s looking for a cost-efficient opportunity to acquire a master’s degree in chemical engineering should consider the option provided by Illinois Institute of Technology. According to official information, 100 per cent of the students enrolled in the program get some type of financial aid.

The chemical engineering program consists of 30 credits – 12 of them coming from core courses and the rest being dedicated to electives. No thesis is required for the completion of the educational program.

Some of the courses that students can choose among include thermodynamics, transport phenomena, applications of mathematics to engineering, advanced process, control, bioprocess engineering and chemical reaction engineering.

5. Best Undergraduate Program: University of North Dakota

The program designed by University of North Dakota is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET). Depending on the amount of time that students can dedicate to the program, it can be completed in anywhere between four and six years.

The curriculum is identical to the one that campus students go through. Online video streaming is available to give online students access to the classroom experience.

Students will need 133 credits. They have complete freedom in terms of accessing study materials. Only exams will need to be completed according to a certain schedule. Some of the online courses include thermodynamics, chemical engineering fundamentals, organic chemistry, experimental strategies and circuit analysis.

The cost per credit is 170 dollar for both North Dakota and non-resident students. Additional 100 dollars have to be paid for all lab courses. Financial aid is available.

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