TICO Sample Exam Answers – Travel Counsellor Exam

Sample Exam Questions to help prepare for TICO’s Education Standards Travel Counsellor Exam

Answer Sheet

1.) The phrase “to promote a fair and informed marketplace where consumers can be confident of their travel purchases” is the

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2.) The administration of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 was delegated to TICO by the

3.) TICO works with which three groups to carry out its mandate

4. The best description of Ontario's Travel Industry Act, 2002 is that it

5.) TICO lays charges after discovering that a man has been selling travel services without being a registrant or an employee in a registrant’s agency or office. When the man sees his name in the newspaper, he threatens to take legal action against TICO for violating his privacy. He will lose the case because

6.) Can the Registrar act as a Directors?

7.) Before counselling or advising a client, a travel agent must

8.) In the Travel Industry Act, 2002, the term “representation” refers to

9.) According to the Travel Industry Act, 2002, a travel agent does NOT have to inform a client before booking

10.) ABC Travel puts an advertisement in the newspaper that announces a package holiday “From $999 and up.” TICO would not consider this acceptable because

11.) A consumer selects a package tour from a tour wholesaler and chooses a hotel some distance from town, which appeals to the consumer who wants a quiet location for her holiday. When she arrives at the hotel, she is upset by the non-stop noise outside her room as the hotel starts construction of a new swimming pool. Who is to blame for this consumer’s dissatisfaction?

12.) ABC, a wholesaler, has been selling XYZ Resort since the resort opened in 1965. ABC still puts a photograph of the resort from 1965 in the brochure to show off the location’s beauty. In fact, the resort has not been upgraded or renovated since 1965 and has become run-down and outdated. Has ABC Travel done anything wrong in its brochure?

13.) A couple gives their travel agent a deposit for a package tour. They obtain a receipt from her that says, “Balance of $500.00 due on September 27, 2008.” The agent has also added the comment, “As discussed, some charges are non-refundable.” TICO would view this receipt as

14.) Betsy, the travel agent, concludes the sale with the clients and tells them to go to the Canadian Foreign Affairs website to find out what documents they need. She thinks that Canadians may need a visa for the chosen destination, but she does not have the website on hand. Betsy’s advice is

15.) A client buys a vacation package from ABC Tours on May 1. The departure date is June 15. ABC Tours pays the travel wholesaler on May 8. On which date must the travel wholesaler produce the tickets, vouchers, itinerary, and other related documents to the travel agent?

16.) Which one of the following circumstances would NOT result in the travel agent having to offer the client a full refund or comparable alternate travel services.

17.) When a client is offered the choice of a refund or comparable alternate travel services, the registrant is NOT required to

18.) Which of the following is NOT part of the Travel Industry Compensation Fund?

19.) Which of the following could a client claim from the Travel Industry Compensation Fund?

20.) If a consumer makes a claim against the Travel Industry Compensation Fund and the TICO Board accepts the claim, what is the maximum amount payable?

21.) Joe and Sally are originally from Sudbury, but now live in Windsor. They depart from Toronto for a round-trip vacation package to Europe. When the supplier declares bankruptcy, Joe and Sally are stranded overseas. Under the trip completion provision in Ontario Regulation 26/05, where can Joe and Sally be returned, assuming that costs for each destination are approximately the same?

22.) Joe Smith is a travel agent with ABC Travel. He went out of his way to ensure that all the travel arrangements for Dorothy and David Black were ‘perfect’. The couple paid ABC Travel and then ABC Travel forwarded the funds to the travel wholesaler. When the travel wholesaler declared bankruptcy and the Blacks’ trip was ruined, Joe Smith made a claim on the Travel Industry Compensation Fund for the $75.00 service fee he charged as a destination specialist. TICO will

23.) Sally Smith belongs to a travel program. She saves up her points for two years until she has enough for a vacation package at a sun destination. The travel wholesaler noted in the brochure that the trip was valued at $2500.00. After Sally transfers the points to the travel wholesaler, the wholesaler declares bankruptcy. Sally files a claim on the Travel Industry Compensation Fund for $2500.00. Would her claim be eligible for reimbursement?

24.) Read the invoice below and explain how it needs to be corrected to comply with representation requirements in the legislation. (Hint: There are 7 problems with the invoice)


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