Top 10 Universities in Canada for Engineering

Engineering is considered to be serious degree in Canada. Attaining an engineering degree is generally thought to be just the first step towards becoming a professional engineer. Licensing and completion of several pre-requisites makes an engineering graduate a complete engineer in Canada. However, the selection of a good institute for engineering is vital for the future prospects of the field. The better the degree, better are the chances of progress in the field of engineering. Following are top ten universities for engineering in Canada.

Waterloo University is the largest institute in the field of engineering in Canada. It aims to provide world class education to the students. It is famous for its best education in the field of software engineering. Waterloo University also offers Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and related degrees. It has an extensive research department which is funded on an increasing scale every year.

University of Toronto is considered to be one of the highest ranked engineering institutes of Canada. A number of courses are offered related to the field of engineering. The coursework is especially designed keeping in mind an appropriate mix of coursework and practical knowledge. Research lies in the heart of University of Toronto resulting in a number of research departments for the progress of engineering. Students can also attain financial sponsorship.

University of British Columbia offers the finest engineering programs in Canada. UBC entertains both graduate and undergraduate degrees in the field of engineering and technology. It also arranges student exchange programs in order to increase the exposure of potential engineers. Funding for research is extensive and research is given due importance at this institute.

McGill University offers a wide variety of courses in the field of engineering and its faculty stands as the second best in Canada. Students can opt for their choice of degree and avail scholarships on the basis of their performance and financial status. McGill University puts great emphasis on research and provides funding for it extensively.

McMaster University stands as one of the finest schools in the field of engineering in Canada. Students can opt for further research after completing their graduate degrees and avail adundant financial assistance for undergoing research. Industrial engineering and Health sciences engineering are offered with the coalition of reputed centers for example Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research.

This school claims to be one of the most unique institute for engineering in Canada. Simon Fraser Univeristy offers courses in different fields ranging from Robotics to Biomedical engineering. Students can also attain scholarships for studies.

It is one of the most reputed institutes in Canada offering a number of different courses in the field of engineering. Students can opt for Material Engineering, Applied Sciences, Software Engineering and likewise.

The list of finest engineering institutes of Canada also includes the name of University of Calgary. It offers different programs such as Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc. The school designated to engineering studies is named as The Schulich School of Engineering. Funding is abundantly available for research purposes.

University of Victoria is included in the list of top institutes for engineering in Canada due to the fact that it focuses on industry based education. It offers programs such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering and likewise. The institute aims to take engineering to the next level through extensive research and funding in the field of research.

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