At OutstandingColleges.com we are passionate about providing people with useful information to help them make the right decision when selecting what school to go to.

The team we have assembled will keep you up to speed on any changes in the world of college rankings and financial aid.

Meet The Team!


Kristy Feldman (Senior Editor)

If you have read it on this site then Kristy is behind it. She manages the creation of all the useful articles, infographics and videos shown on this site.

She loves hearing about what type of articles provide the most value to the audience and can be contacted easily on any of her Social Media Profiles or the contact form on this site.

Kristy studied economics at McGill University and then got her masters in Journalism from UC Berkley.

Currently she is a freelance writer focusing on the college ranking and student loan industries.

  • Interesting Fact: Ran her first marathon
  • Overused Saying: “You had me at your proper use of “You’re” ”
  • Email: kristy@outstandingcolleges.com
  • Google +: http://www.google.com/+KristyFeldmen


Prof Mike King (Adviser and Contributor)

Mike is a retired college professor and administrator. He knows the admission and college ranking industry inside and out after 30 years in the industry.

Mike is a great resource to the team at OutstandingColleges.com and provides years of expertise.

In addition to providing expert advice to the team he also contributes useful articles to the site every week!

  • Interesting Fact: Grandkids are going to the same elementary school he went to!
  • Overused Saying: “You kids these days” – “Mike we are thirty” – “Exactly”
  • Email: mike@outstandingcolleges.com
  • Social Profiles – “you’re joking right?” fair enough Mike…you can get in touch with him via email!



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