What Type of Degree Should I Get?


​Introduction Can’t decide what type of degree you should get? You are not the first, nor likely to be the last. In fact, right now you are at a crucial point of your life. The choice you make will have repercussions rippling out the rest of your life. It is imperative that you make the … Read more

7 Reasons to Study Robotics

Mechatronics Salary

​Introduction Robotics is a blend of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science and programming. It is the field that sees the design, construction, operation and ultimately, the use of robots. What is a robot? A mechanical device programmed by humans to follow a set of instructions with high accuracy. … Read more

8 Things to Do to Make Financing College Easier

8 Things to Do to Make Financing College Easier

A college degree is no longer an added bonus for people entering the job market; it’s become a necessity. Because of this, high school students are expected to jump straight into college after upon graduating in order to become contributors to society. Of course, having a college diploma is not entirely necessary to achieve financial … Read more

Where to Find Scholarships for Hispanics?

Find Scholarships for Hispanics

​The Hispanic community in the US is steadily growing. Which is no surprise since the US is made up of immigrants. The Hispanic community is rather large and many colleges and organization have realized that which has prompted them to provide financial aid that is specific for Hispanic students.  The first place to look for … Read more

When Is It Time to Visit Your Financial Aid Advisor?

Financial Aid Advisor

​Thinking about pursuing higher education can cause a lot of headaches. The overall process of application and then also figuring how you will fund your education, the whole process can prove to be quite a lot for most students. That is why you should start as soon as possible to really streamline the process and … Read more

Can I Get Private School Financial Aid?

Financial Aid

​Most private schools offer financial aid to students. Some have a specific offering for students which maybe ethnic or merit-based while also based on financial status. It isn’t a walk in the park to get financial aid from a school so you need to be proactive. We have some tips that can help improve your … Read more

10 Types of Software Developers

software development

Introduction What is software development? The collective processes involved in creating software programs, running through the whole system development life cycle. The first programming language, “Brief Code” was first developed in 1949. Since then, software development has grown to titanic proportions. Programming languages have increased in number, complexity and scope and used world wide on … Read more