Best Colleges On The East Coast For Your Degree

Best Colleges On The East Coast

​Selecting a college for yourself is not an easy task. Many go with one based on their ranking, courses they offer, professors, or location. You can find a decent college in the US which more likely than not, offer similar courses. So most students look for colleges that are either near their home or provide them with the opportunity to be away from home. If you are one of these students and want to look for colleges on the east coast then we have a few you should consider.

1. Princeton

As one of the oldest colleges in the country, Princeton is located in Princeton, New Jersey. It is known as one of the best colleges around the world and is academically exceptional in most of the majors it offers. Which is why getting into Princeton isn’t easy and it has roughly 5,300 undergraduate student, which isn’t a huge number.

2. Harvard

How can we have a list of east coast colleges without Harvard in it? Considered to be one of the hardest colleges to get into, Harvard academically is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. It is well-funded and therefore generally provides a lot of funding and assistance to students. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

3. Yale

Yale is another Ivy League school on our list which is located in Haven, Connecticut. Yale has exceptional faculty and is known for producing quite the politicians with countless members of Congress and even five presidents being alumni of Yale.

4. MIT

The second college located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT is one of the best colleges you can go to especially if you are looking to be an engineer or study a major related to information technology. It is great for all sciences-related research and a dream for anyone looking to study in the field.

5. Columbia

Columbia has had its root in American history and is one of the oldest colleges in the country. Located in New York, it has an estimated 7,970 undergraduate and offers hundreds of majors to choose from. You can’t go wrong in picking Columbia to do your undergrad.

6. Williams College

If you are looking for the best colleges on the east coast then Massachusetts is the state to go. This is the third college on the list that is situated in Massachusetts in Williamstown. It is also the smallest out of all the others on the list with roughly only 2,046 undergraduate students. It is a liberal arts college which provides exceptional education in all the majors it offers.