FAFSA Requirements 2018 – How Can I Get Financial Aid?

FAFSA Requirements 2018 - How Can I Get Financial Aid

The FAFSA application changed from previous years in 2017. You are probably aware that the application is used to apply for financial aid for college. While the application process is slightly different due to security measures, you still need to ensure that you are eligible to apply for the financial aid before you do. Here … Read more

Best Colleges for Astrophysics

Best Colleges for Astrophysics

IntroductionAstrophysics, the study of our universe, is an eternal subject. We exist because the universe exists. Studying the heavenly bodies in the sky began centuries ago – and remains to this day one of the most interesting scientific fields. For those of of who are unconvinced of astrophysics general appeal and find such a career … Read more

What Is An Associate Degree?

Associate Degree

​If you are on the lookout to apply to a university in the US or parts of Canada, you may come across the term “associate degree.” It is the latest addition to the list of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and PhDs. An associate degree is also known as an academic program which is usually taken … Read more

What Type of Degree Should I Get?


​IntroductionCan’t decide what type of degree you should get? You are not the first, nor likely to be the last. In fact, right now you are at a crucial point of your life. The choice you make will have repercussions rippling out the rest of your life. It is imperative that you make the right … Read more

7 Reasons to Study Robotics

Mechatronics Salary

​IntroductionRobotics is a blend of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science and programming. It is the field that sees the design, construction, operation and ultimately, the use of robots. What is a robot? A mechanical device programmed by humans to follow a set of instructions with high accuracy. As … Read more

8 Things to Do to Make Financing College Easier

8 Things to Do to Make Financing College Easier

A college degree is no longer an added bonus for people entering the job market; it’s become a necessity. Because of this, high school students are expected to jump straight into college after upon graduating in order to become contributors to society. Of course, having a college diploma is not entirely necessary to achieve financial … Read more