5 Best Online MSW Programs

A master’s degree in social work (MSW) opens many doors because it’s versatile and it allows for numerous types of career development. Due to the high interest in such programs, universities have started offering online degree acquisition opportunities. Some of these online curricula are much better than others when it comes to preparing young professionals for an upcoming career in the field of social work.

If you’re interested in studying social work and obtaining your graduate degree online, here are some of the best programs to consider.

Fordham University

Fordham University offers excellent remote learning opportunities. Students interested in a graduate degree in social work can choose among four possibilities – a social work program, a degree in social work and law, social work and divinity or social work and public health.

The social work program itself comes with a few concentrations – in leadership, research and macro-practice. As you can see, Fordham University is committed to giving its students flexibility and a range of academic personalization opportunities.

Depending on occupation and amount of time that students can dedicate to studying, the degree will require approximately 3.5 years to complete. Students will be required to attend some of the practical sessions in New York City. All other portions of the educational process are asynchronous and can be completed according to individual preferences.

Some of the courses that the Fordham University MSW curriculum features include human rights and social justice, human behavior and the social environment, social policy, clinical social work practice, advanced clinical assessment and diagnosis , child abuse, meeting the challenges of poverty and spirituality and social work practice.

When it comes to the cost of tuition, students will have to pay 894 dollars per credit. Financial assistance options are available.

Boston University

The Boston University MSW program ranks among the top educational opportunities in the field, according to US News and World Report. There are three different tracks that students can choose among – MSW, human service experience track and advanced standing track. There are also concentrations in clinical social work or macro social work.

Regardless of the track chosen, students will have to complete an internship on top of the academic program in order to obtain their degree.

Depending on the amount of time that students can dedicate to their education, the program can be completed in approximately 2.5 years. Some of the courses included in the MSW curriculum are social welfare policy, racial justice, human behavior in the social environment, communities and organizations, clinical practice with individuals, cognitive and behavioral treatment, family therapy and social work ethics.

The cost of tuition at Boston University is 750 dollars per credit for the students enrolled in the online MSW program. There are a student (60 dollars per semester) and a technology fee (60 dollars per credit hour).

University of Southern California

The online MSW program at University of Southern California has also gotten recognition for its quality and it’s reached the top positions in charts like the US News and World Report university ranking and the Princeton Review’s Gourman Report for Graduate Programs.

The program is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education. There are four fields to choose among – adults and healthy aging, children youth & families, community organization and business innovation. The university also offers an online doctorate program in social work, enabling graduate students to advance their education even further.

University of Southern California’s MSW program is a 35-credit accelerated learning opportunity. Students can waive first year foundation courses, which allows for a quicker completion of the degree. Depending on the number of courses that students can waive, they can get their master’s degree in three to five semesters.

The program also features approximately 1,000 hours of field education. There’s a virtual field practicum that’s completed online and community-based field placement. It will involve hands-on training with real clients and a supervised internship.

University of Southern California’s MSW program has varying costs of tuition. Students enrolled in a four-semester full-time program will have to spend about 99,966 dollars on their graduate education. People completing the degree in six semesters will have to spend an average of 103,980 dollars. People who get to waive some of the courses and complete the program in three semesters can expect to spend 58,648 dollars on their graduate education. Financial assistance options are available.

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