7 Most Beautiful Christian College Campuses

Do you know which Christian college has the most beautiful campus? Though the esthetics and the facilities available aren’t the most important factor when choosing an educational program, they can certainly contribute to a more productive and pleasant experience.

The US has a number of beautiful Christian colleges. This ranking will outline the top ones, when it comes to an impeccable campus in terms of design, landscaping, calmness and architecture.

Pepperdine University

Located in Malibu, California, Pepperdine University impresses right from the start with the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean that it offers. When it comes to location and nature, the university is a winner right from the start.

All of the 500 acres of campus land are preserved in their natural state due to a commitment to sustainability. The university also features sustainable commute in an attempt to preserve the beautiful nature of the region.

The campus features Mediterranean revival architecture that has maintained its timeless class and appeal over the past 40 years. The Phillips Theme Tower is probably the most outstanding architectural piece because of its cross shape.

On top of having beautiful and spiritual appearance, the campus gives students access to a range of recreational and academic opportunities. There are several fitness centers scattered throughout the campus. Pepperdine University has five separate graduate and undergraduate schools, the Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts and three theaters.

Covenant College

Covenant College is located on the border between Georgia and Tennessee. The campus spans over an area of 400 acres and the main aim is allowing the natural beauty of the region to shine through the design.

The campus is on top of Lookout Mountain, which obviously reveals a breathtaking view in every direction. Chattanooga is located just 15 minutes away from the campus. It’s recognized for the nature, as well as for the business community and the hi-tech developments (featuring one of the fastest high-speed internet connections in the country).

When it comes to architecture, it brings together traditional and modern in a perfect fusion. The buildings are naturally equipped with numerous windows, allowing students and faculty members to get inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding the campus.

Apart from getting to study in one of the most serene places in the US, Covenant College students also get access to a medley of recreational opportunities. Rock climbing, tennis courts, cross country trails, swimming pools, numerous well-maintained lawns and a volleyball court are just some of the possibilities.

Hope College

Hope College is a four-year liberal arts academic institution that’s located just miles away from Lake Michigan. Apart from having a campus in a really beautiful area, the college is also recognized for being the home of the most exquisite college chapels.

Dimnent Memorial Chapel features the typical American gothic style and it welcomed the first believers back in 1929. The chapel is the creation of Chicago architect William K. Johnston.

The campus itself covers an area of 120 acres. It features several stadiums, a tennis center, several dining locations, numerous cottages for the students and campus ministries. Chapel services are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, giving students and faculty members an opportunity to come together in prayer.

Montreat College

A college that has a name stemming from the words “mountain” and “retreat” is bound to have a beautiful campus. Montreat College is a four-year Christ centered institution. It was founded in 1897 by an evangelist and ever since, the college has been working hard on promoting spiritual growth and education.

The stone buildings that the campus consists of are a perfect match for the Blue Ridge Mountains Nature. There are more than 20 hiking trails in the area around the college campus, which makes the place perfect for the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

The campus has a number of serene spots that allow students to take all of the natural beauty in. Lake Susan and the Huckleberry Café on its shore are just one example. Montreat College also has four residence halls (built in the period from 1942 to 1968), biking trails, a dining hall, a gymnasium, a fitness center and a memorial field.

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