7 Best Colleges for Engineering Students with Mental Disabilities

If you are disabled and plan on going to college or a university in the near future, you are not alone. According to the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics, there are approximately 2.4 million postsecondary students with a disability attending school in this country.

With these numbers is a growing concern to accommodate disabled students with quality facilities and services. As a disabled student entering into higher learning, there are rights and responsibilities which parents and the student need to know in regards to a secondary education. A good resource for this information can be found here.

There are universities which hail above others when it comes to providing exceptional disability services and facilities. Here are the 7 Best Colleges for Engineering Students with Mental Disabilities.

University of California-Berkeley

Berkley is infamous for forward thinking and progressive programs. It is that open thought which makes it top in the field for a college which will provide full support services for those mentally challenged. Currently University of California-Berkeley is ranked as one of the best colleges. There are more than 1,000 student organizations and a thriving social scene.

Students with disabilities will find a wide range of supplemental services, modern accommodations, and focused workshops. There are tutors available and other assisted learning programs. The College of Engineering, School of Law, Hass School of Business, and the Graduate School of Education are revered schools known at Berkeley.

Landmark College

This is a relatively new innovative concept college in Vermont for those who ‘learn differently’. They use integrated approaches to education and offer students as well as professional educators a path to understanding learning disabilities. Whether it is dyslexia or even well-being, this is the college to watch rise. They are hyper-aware of social, mental, and other areas which become barriers to higher education. They embrace students as so uniquely individual that there not a ‘fit all’ to learning. The school’s integrated services model provides structured living in a superior learning environment which combines an effective pedagogical approach.

University of Arizona, Tucson

The University of Arizona has developed an innovative concept called ‘Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Center’ or simply referred to as the SALT center. It is here where students with disabilities can gain access to a wide range of needs. There are workshops to help with transitions and available tutoring and computer labs. They are assigned a Strategic Learning Specialist upon admissions. Their specialist will design a unique learning plan to encourage success with the college coursework.

The University of Iowa

At the University of Iowa, the REACH program is in full swing offering students with learning disabilities help with everything from coursework to transitioning to living on campus. They work with them to build career skills, learn how to live independently and perform better academically.

For the first two years at the university students will live together in a designated residence. They also have the option to engage in community-based internships and get help putting together a work portfolio for their future beyond college.

The University of Connecticut

Students with any kind of disability will be interested in looking closer at the University of Connecticut. They have the Center for Student with Disabilities which offers complete services and accommodations, plus other great programs. One unique program is the ‘Beyond Access Program’ which provides courses for learning challenged students on how to succeed in college with their disability.

They also offer focused workshops and additional tutoring. Disabled students who are still in high school can benefit from UC PREP summer course which is a six day camp designed to help them build upon learning and independent living skills.

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Students who enroll at SIU will have full access to on-campus disability support services. Innovative services include study tables, tutors, professional help, taped lectures, note takers, assistive technology and supplemental materials. the university offers their original ‘ Achieve Program’. Achieve is a free academic support program for those with learning disabilities, employing specialists, grad students and volunteers to help with any needed accommodations, tutoring and counseling. Unlike many other college programs of this kind, it does not charge, nor does it limit the amount of help students can receive.

West Virginia Wesleyan College

The Learning Center at the West Virginia Wesleyan College campus, offers students with learning disabilities, attention disorders and other special needs a wide range of support options. Like other diverse colleges, they provide tutoring through their ‘ Mentor Advantage’ Program, a foundation initiative which provides help transitioning into college, test and study labs and even assistance in academic goal setting and organization.

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