Benefits of Becoming a Certified Travel Counsellor or Certified Travel Manager

Being a certified travel professional will help you stand out and make a much bigger impression than the non certified in the field. This competitive advantage is essential since working in the travel industry provides a great variety of opportunities for career development. Specialization in tourism and hospitality management will give you the right start.

Having the right certificates in the travel field will make all the difference in the world. If you have a passion for travel and want a career in this industry, becoming a certified travel counsellor (CTC) or certified travel manager (CTM) is a must.

The ability to offer a perfect holiday and to meet all of your client’s vacation wish list, is the top goal of all individuals working in the tourism field. Getting a certificate is the first step towards building your professional reputation. In addition, becoming a certified travel professional will enable you to enjoy a vast range of additional advantages.

Attract New Clients

Since the travel field is highly competitive, the success of agents and travel managers depends on consistent efforts for attracting more clients. The travel and tourism certificate makes customers feel more comfortable with your skills and expertise. As a result, you will find it much easier to generate new leads. Compared to non-certified travel counsellors, certificated travel professionals earn more by generating more sales, the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies reported.

The travel and tourism certificate is recognition of years of efforts and personal development. This is one of the main reasons why you should include the fact in your promo efforts.

Customer Recognition

Education and specialization in different areas are always important for customers, regardless of the products or services that they’re interested in.

Certified travel counsellors and managers are recognized as the most qualified and competent agents. In addition, such professionals have the skills needed to attract new customers and offer a stellar service. These facts work together to guarantee customer recognition.

Build Your Image

A travel and tourism certificate is the starting point towards building your image of an industry expert. Becoming a certified expert in tourism confirms your skills and knowledge in the area.

Ability to Meet Industry Standards

Becoming a certified travel counsellor or manager means that you meet the standards of the travel industry.

The best travel professionals advise their clients about much more than just destinations and holiday packages. They will do their best to organize the perfect trip by handling ticket arrangements, dealing with rental car requirements and bookings. Clients will also get essential information about the place they’re visiting, the local customs and how to make the most of their stay.

Professionals that have a certificate can guarantee the quality and the personalization of each service provided to their customers. Personalization and attention to detail have both become tremendously important in a highly competitive and challenging field.​

Learning New Skills

Putting time and money towards improving yourself is the best professional investment one could make. The certificate in travel will expand your skills and knowledge. Important information about different destinations and small targeted markets could help you create specific products that are completely new or even revolutionary for the market.

Professionals that have a tourism certificate will also know how to market and how to sell such products to the right group of leads. The skills will often be sufficient for the establishment of a solid, successful career.​

Up to Date with New Trends

Customer service has always been of paramount importance, especially in the field of travel. Clients are changing – they have many options to choose among and as a result, they are becoming pickier. Smartphones and digital apps are also impacting the travel industry. Thousands of websites and platforms tell people where to go, where to stay and how to book their vacation. Information is just one click away. Maintaining your competitiveness in this digital age becomes incredibly difficult.

Getting a certificate will acquaint you with the latest and the most innovative developments. The programs are changing all the time to acquaint travel professionals with the latest trends and their impact on the field.

Becoming Better at What You do

Improving skills, customer services and sales techniques will make you better at what you do. CTCs and CTMs have important professional skills that go beyond the tourism sector. The certification will translate in better communication, leadership, customer relationship management and marketing skills.

Participating in travel certified programs enable you to assess the professional experience that you have currently and the competitive advantage that it gives you. Once you make this assessment, you will get to decide how you want to improve and what it will take to build a solid career in the travel industry.

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