Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in the World

Best Architecture Schools

In the last few years, the architecture field has been gone through great improvement. Previously, some giant buildings would have great emotional significance for us. However, nowadays you see numerous vertical skyscrapers virtually everywhere. The modern age of technology, imagination, capital, creativity as well as knowledge have made it promising for people to attain the unbelievable in the field of architecture. Moreover, a big credit goes to the institutes that take the charge of organizing the coming peers to produce such marvels. With numerous years of experience and the remarkable research culture, Massachusetts institute of technology is at number 1 in the list of top 10 best architecture schools in the entire world.

Try These Top Schools of Architecture in the World on for Size

1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], US

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The institute believes in extending its hand to the pupils who would like to steer their nation in countless areas like arts, science, medical, technology, etc. The instructors make the mental ability of the students’ razor sharp meanwhile, the practical application gives them an advantage over other students.

The institute in itself has a superiority over all the other schools of architecture in the world. It supports wide-range researches, inspiration, creativeness and extra- curriculum activities.

​There are several of courses taught by the greatest instructors in the world. It is certainly the number one architecture institute in the entire world.

2) University College London [UCL], UK

University College London

The two robust pillars of this well-known institute are coaching and research. As a matter of fact, UCL is well thought-out as the leader in doing research. Research Excellence Framework in 2014 had seen UCL giving fascinating outcomes. The school has 29 Nobel laureates. The approach of teaching is astonishing and offers students a precise viewpoint on all the topics that are connected to not only their curriculum, however, with their lives and careers as well.

3) University of California, Berkeley

University of California

The University of California also known as Cal is one of the most sophisticated universities in the world. The institute proudly exhibits its wide-ranging laboratories as well as libraries, releases, publications and the researches. This university is considered a regular in the list of top-notch architecture schools in the world. The faculty includes 7 Nobel Laureates, 131 National Academy of Science’s fellows, 225 Academy of Arts and Science’s associates, 141 Guggenheim members, 87 National Academy of Engineering’s fellows and a Poet Laureate Emeritus of the US, which is a record himself.

4) Delft University of Technology, Netherland

Delft University of Technology

It’s a Netherland based institute and has instructed a new teaching method by collaborating modernity and the traditions. The school offers more than 40 Master programs in the English language alone. The technology department of this school is already one of the robust and is advancing the society as well.

This institute is quite proud of both its research as well as technology departments and regularly works towards enhancing the departments. The outstanding research centers accelerate the students to attain new accomplishments.

Students from all over the world come here to become a part of this marvelous education system. In addition to that, the university has numerous bonds with several renowned universities all around the world.

5) Harvard College

Harvard College

Harvard does not require any introduction. This college was established in the year 1636 and is one of the oldest institutes for higher and sophisticated education in the US. The college was originated after receiving votes from the Great and Massachusetts Bay Colony’s General Court. The college was named after John Harvard who was the first sponsor of this college. The college was established 140 years prior to the formal acceptance of the Declaration of Independence of America.

6) University of Cambridge, UK

University of Cambridge

The influence as well as the status of this University, has always been sky high since its origin. The University of Cambridge is one of the leading institutions of higher education in the world. It is an elegant not just for the students, however, for the visitors as well, who do not leave the United Kingdom without discovering the splendid, university building.

The library of the institute, comprises of a massive collection of books. Coming towards the faculty, the institute provides world-class study. Numerous researches has been carried out by the instructors and students have brought several honors to the University of Cambridge and the practice is never ending.

7) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The Swiss federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich, has 16 sectors covering all the main programs like Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in the natural sciences as well as engineering.

The methodology used in this institute for education is extraordinary and it’s preparing all the students to step with confidence in the situation where people are using predatory pricing as well as hefty promotion to undermine their competitors. Bachelor degree program is taught in German language and the rest of the courses are taught in the English language.

As Zurich city is the economic center of Switzerland, and a home to numerous international firms, that provides the students several opportunities to cultivate an industrial contact. Moreover, the university provides astounding sports facilities to the students.

8) Tsinghua University, People’s Republic of China

Tsinghua University

Since the year 1925, this institute is consistently teaching and encouraging architecture students to obtain new heights. The institute was named after Tsinghua Xuetang. In just few years, this school managed to touch heights of victory. Nowadays, there are fourteen schools and fifty-six departments together with faculties in all the foremost educational subdivisions under the name of this institute of higher education. Like other schools of architecture in the world, this Chinese institute assigns significant importance on research.

9) National University of Singapore [NUS], Singapore

National University of Singapore

This leading university of Singapore is famous in the world to a great extent for providing a remarkable education as well as the research opportunities. The university provides an outstanding amalgamation of worldwide education plus the Asian expertise. The school provides multiple programs and countless other opportunities to excel, for instance, student exchange programs, entrepreneurial internships prospects at the NUS Overseas Institutions, dual degree programs, and enormously further to mention.

10) Manchester School of Architecture, UK

Manchester School of Architecture

Studying at the Manchester School of Architecture is a dream for any student who would like to become an architect. For decades the institute has been trying to prepare their students to recognize and create architecture marvels.

The school covers a wide syllabus comprising urban designs, urban development, conservation, ecological designs, development of historic environment, as well as landscape designs, and numerous more. The university embraces the Manchester Architecture Research Centre that has been formed lately, for the research purpose and it entertains loads of modern research work.

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