Best Integrative Studies Programs

More and more students are looking for innovative learning opportunities that stray away from typical academia. Integrative studies programs are such an opportunity and their popularity has grown in the past couple of years. Integrative studies programs focus on providing multiple disciplinary studies in one package, giving students tons of practical and analytical skills.

Many students who go for integrative programs are capable of finding work while they’re still in college. These programs eliminate one of the biggest problems of contemporary education – insufficient practical knowledge and experience.

Integrative studies students can participate in internships, practical exercises and even abroad study opportunities. Several universities have excellent curricula in the field and here are some of the top integrative studies programs.

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Emory University

Emory is a private university, providing courses that last at least four years, including integrative ones. With nearly 180 years of accreditation, this is one of the preferred universities in theUnited States.

The Emory interdisciplinary studies are in the social and community fields, focused on research, materials and case studies. The students work on their research with at least two official ILA representatives, allowing for optimal coverage of the studied matters, as well as objective evaluation of the outcome.

The university allows students to participate in already-formed study groups and work within the various programs in the interdisciplinary studies schedule.

Tuitions feed are set at 43,400 dollars for all higher education programs at Emory. The Atlanta-based facilities provide state-of-the-art opportunities for all students.

Wheaton College

Wheaton,Illinois is popular because of the many study opportunities provided by the local college. This private, non-profit institution is explicitly Christian and focused on optimal programs in arts and science, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education.

WheatonCollege’s students have the opportunity to study interdisciplinarily the Christian liberal arts programs. These major programs have a strong emphasis on actual analyses and research, answering serious questions and themes.

Students interested in this university’s integrative programs should be prepared to spend approximately 30,000 dollars on their tuition. This is one of the more affordable, high quality programs available in theUS.

New College of Florida

The Best Colleges list for 2016 sets New College of Florida as the third-best university for integrative studies programs in theUnited States. This is another private education institution, where the interdisciplinary programs have a set focus on research and practical knowledge through analyses and mixing more than one subject.

Students that want to enrol can choose between environmental studies, religion, gender studies and other areas of concentration majors in various art, science and linguistic fields.

Tuition forFlorida residents is estimated at 20,318 dollars for the entire program, while out-of-state students will have to pay approximately 43,374 dollars. The only difference in the budget is the actual cost for tuition, as all other charges and fees are identical.

Seattle University

Interdisciplinary liberal studies at Seattle University is a specially-formulated program because of the university’s area of focus. This undergraduate learning opportunity takes place in the Jesuit educational context, while still maintaining the integrative studies setting. Undergraduates receive the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies and the chance to enrol in a related major at the same university.

The related majors are a collaborative work between the students and expertSeattleUniversity tutors, advisors and professors. They are divided into four knowledge areas: humanities, social sciences, natural science electives and statistics, math, computer graphics or computer science.

Both levels give the students the opportunity to study via seminars, project-centred coursework, practical work on a portfolio and more. Tuition is in the range of 35,000 dollars for both out-of-state students and local residents.

University of Scranton

The University of Scranton, ranked fifth in the Best Colleges for 2016 report, offers to its prospective students the opportunity to have an individualised major – a chance to draw from different majors and enjoy multiple disciplines at the same time.

Two faculty members will mentor each student who enrolled with an individualised major. This specialised program will focus on achieving the study goals through seminars and participation in projects. The dean of theCollege ofArts and Science will personally provide each prospective student with a list of possible schedules and areas of interest for the chosen major individualisation.

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