Best Online Programs Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

Completing an online undergraduate program in criminal justice is an excellent educational opportunity for individuals that are already busy working and the ones that would like to try some of the most reputable programs (even if the university is located far away).

Online education is also a lot more affordable, while resulting in the exact same diploma that campus-based students get.

Needless to say, the accreditation of the university and its academic traditions have to be taken in consideration when choosing an online college. Here’s a list of some high quality criminal justice undergraduate programs that can be completed through a remote learning opportunity.

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Florida State University

Florida State University is one of the most popular universities when it comes to online education, according to US News and World Report. The university currently has 32,948 students enrolled as of December 2015.

FSU’s online program is taught by the same specialists who teach students on campus. Students will need to take 36 semester hours in criminology to get their undergraduate degree. Some of the most interesting courses included in the program are white collar crime, victimology, crimes against humanity, religion and crime, human behaviour, criminal and delinquent behaviour and special topics in criminology.

Penn State World Campus

Penn State’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is the firstUS online criminal justice program to be accredited by theAcademy ofCriminology Sciences. Students that join the online program will get their education from the same professors responsible for classroom teaching.

This program puts emphasis on a vast range of specialised courses among which policing in America, corrections in America, research methods in criminal justice, ethics, security administration, border security and alternatives to incarceration.

Tuition fees depend on the load that students choose. The ones that take less than 12 credits per semester will have to pay a tuition fee of 535 dollars per credit. For students taking 12 or more credits per semester, the fee is flat and it totals 6,506 dollars.

Washington State University

By enrolling in the WSU online BS in Criminal Justice, you become a student of the second-oldest such program in theUS. The online criminal justice degree is one of the top 2016/2017 learning opportunities in the field and it’s accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

The program focuses on topics like criminological administration, crime control policies, criminal law, procedures and theory. In addition, students are required to participate in Senior Seminar: Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice.

Tuition costs 494 dollars per credits, or a total of 5,928 dollars for a 12-credit course. Some additional fees will have to be taken in consideration, as well. Financial assistance options are available.

Arizona State University

ArizonaStateUniversity delivers its undergraduate program in criminal justice through ASU Online. The online program is developed by the same professors responsible for on-campus learning opportunities.

Some of the top courses that students in the online program will focus on include domestic violence, gangs, white collar crime, introduction to policing and corrections, juvenile justice, building leadership skills and law and social control.

The cost per credit is 490 dollars and students need to complete 120 credit hours to get their degree. The university offers fast track options in its online program, enabling students to obtain their diploma in 2.5 to three years.

Colorado State University-Global Campus

Colorado State Global Campus also has an excellent undergraduate program that focuses on criminal justice. All of the classes are provided online, which gives students a lot of flexibility in terms of completing the program’s requirements.

The program consists of a range of specialised courses like law enforcement and American policing, crime and deviance, criminal justice and the constitution, ethics for the criminal justice professional, research methods and laws of evidence.

Studies cost 350 dollars per credit, which is a lot more affordable than many of the other entries in the list. Another benefit of choosingColoradoStateUniversity’s Global Campus is the fact that the program’s cost per credit remains unchanged during the entire course of study. A number of financial assistance options and loans are also available for all students to choose among.

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