Best Online Programs Master in Counselling

Counselling is a field that changes all the time. To give patients access to better techniques and therapeutic opportunities, counsellors have to keep on learning and perfecting their skills. Getting a master’s degree in the field is one of the best options for learning new skills and seeing career advancement.

Master in counselling programs are available online. These are great for the individuals interested in starting their private practice and boosting their credentials beforehand. The following list contains some of the best educational possibilities in the field.

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Capella University

Several rankings give theCapellaUniversity master of science in counselling program a top position. Potential students can choose among various fields of specialisation – addiction studies, general school counselling, marriage and family counselling/therapy and mental health counselling.

On top of these options,CapellaUniversity can develop individualised online counselling courses that correspond to the specific academic preferences of students.

Depending on the program chosen and the courses that it consists of, the tuition cost is in the range of 385 to 720 dollars per credit. Students should be prepared to spend additional 1,495 dollars on a residency if the program has such requirements.

Grand Canyon University

Grand CanyonUniversity has several graduate counselling programs that can be completed online. Some of the possibilities that students can choose among include professional counselling, addiction counselling, Christian counselling, professional counselling, marriage and family therapy, trauma counselling, forensic psychology, general psychology and several other.

Grand Canyon is a private Christian university that has been ranked among the best online program providers by US News and World Report. It’s also been included in a Fortune magazine list featuring the best online education providers.

The tuition rate is 495 dollars per credit hour, which means that the overall cost of tuition will depend on the number of credits that the individual program consists of. Students can apply for a range of financial assistance options.

Concordia University – Wisconsin

ConcordiaUniversityWisconsin has a master of science in education counselling program that can be completed online.

The program consists of 45 to 48 credits, depending on the courses that the students choose to take. Some of the most interesting topics included in the program’s curriculum are the social and cultural foundations of counselling, professional ethics, theories of personality, group counselling, consultation strategies and career counselling foundations.

This program has been ranked as one of the most affordable graduate learning opportunities in the field of counselling. The cost per credit is 548 dollars, which brings the cost of completing the entire program to approximately 25,000 dollars.

Walden University

WaldenUniversity has a couple of online counseling and psychology degrees. Potential graduate students can choose among specialisations in addiction counselling, clinical mental health counselling, school counselling and marriage, couple and family counselling.

Interested students can go ahead and pursue an online PhD in counsellor educator upon the completion of their graduate program.

On top of having courses that can be completed online, some of the counselling degrees feature residencies that give students practical skills and hands-on experience in therapeutic settings. The residencies are held in various institutions throughout theUS. Some of the students even go ahead to complete their residency abroad.

WaldenUniversity students should be prepared to pay 455 dollars per credit. An addition 110 dollar fee for technological support has to be paid on a quarterly basis.

Setton Hall University

SettonHallUniversity has a master of art in counselling program. This is a combined 60-credit graduate and education specialist program that is ideal for individuals interested in building a mental health counsellor career.

Depending on individual preferences, the program can be completed in approximately three years. There are two on-site residencies that all of the online students will be required to complete in order to obtain their diploma.

Some of the most interesting courses offered under the program include psychology of human development, career development and counselling, abnormal psychology, group counselling, appraisal and assessment in counselling, etiology and treatment of addictions, couple/family dynamics, counsellor ethics in practice and research methods.

The cost of the online portion of the learning experience is 35,500 dollars. Adding the residencies, the entire cost of tuition goes up to 44,340 dollars. A couple of additional fees will apply to the tuition cost.

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