Best Online Programs Master’s in Education Administration

Individuals that have a master’s degree in education administration are the ones that usually have leadership and managerial positions in educational institutions. These professionals find employment in public and private schools, state education facilities, colleges and even universities.

Through their academic activities, students enrolled in a graduate program in education administration learn how to manage operations, do budgeting and be effective managers. Some academic programs are of much higher quality than others. The following list will present some of the best online graduate degrees in education administration.

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University of Nebraska

University ofNebraska has a distance learning program in educational administration. Students that complete the program can go ahead to also pursue their PhD in the field. Graduate students can also choose an optional specialisation in the field of educational leadership and higher education or student affairs administration.

Some of the courses included in the curriculum are foundations of human resource development, instructional design, cross-cultural leadership studies, principal practicum, administrative theory in education administration and educational finance.

The cost of taking the program courses is 325 dollars per credit for in-state students and 609 dollars per credit hour for out-of-state students.

Concordia University

ConcordiaUniversity has another high quality education administration program. Some of the most interesting topics that the courses touch upon include curriculum assessment, education administration research, school evaluation and change processes and a self-reflective capstone.

The university has a well-developed digital platform. It facilitates communication with faculty members and other students. In fact,ConcordiaUniversity encourages students to communicate with their professors on a daily basis or at least several times per week.

ConcordiaUniversity has well-established traditions in distance learning. Nearly 40 per cent of its students choose online programs.

The cost of completing the graduate degree in educational administration is 14,040 dollars on an annual basis.

LSU Online

LSU’s online campus has a maser of arts in education with a specialisation in higher education administration. The required credit hours for the completion of the program are 36 and they can be taken in approximately 15 months.

Some of the courses in this curriculum include understanding and applying research in education, college students in theUS, finance in higher education, higher education and the law, community college, student affairs in higher education and student development theory.

LSU has some quite affordable learning opportunities for the individuals interested in acquiring a higher educational degree. The graduate programs cost 417 dollars per credit hour, which contributes to 1,251 dollars per course.

Liberty University

Liberty University Online has a master of education in administration and supervision program.

Although all of the courses in this program are available online, there is a residency requirement for successful graduation. There are 36 credit hours in total that will need to be taken. Once the program is completed, students can choose among some of Liberty University Online’s PhD programs.

LibertyUniversity is a Christian academic institution, which determines the specifics of all its programs. Its programs have National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) approval.

The course per credit hour is 540 dollars for students that are enrolled full-time.

Lamar University

LamarUniversity online has a master of education in education administration. The program consists of 36 credits. Anyone interested in admission will need to have a respective undergraduate degree in a similar discipline.

The most important courses that students can choose among include fundamentals of leadership, diverse learners, school community relations, curriculum management, organisation and management issues, school law, human resource management and instructional leadership.

The cost per course is 705 dollars, which makesLamarUniversity’s program a relatively affordable one. A 120-dollar fee should also be paid per three courses.

National University

The educational department ofNationalUniversity has a well-developed online graduate program in education administration. The program consists of 45 credits.NationalUniversity has a credit transfer policy, enabling students to complete some of the requirements in another academic institution.

The courses in this program include introduction to leadership, instructional leadership, school resource management, supervision of instruction, educational research, school law and policy and community and diversity.

Intern and degree field experience are required for graduation.

The cost of participating in the program is 10,368 dollars per year. Depending on their commitment, remote students can obtain their degree in approximately two years.

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