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Medical Assistants help deliver essential healthcare services. They perform a wide variety of administrative and clinical tasks to maintain the efficiency and integrity of a medical facility. Almost two-thirds of Medical Assistants will be employed by Doctor’s offices. Others work in hospitals, long-term care centers, inpatient and outpatient facilities and many other healthcare settings. Many Medical Assistants will select a specialty such as pediatrics or ophthalmology. An online degree in Medical Assisting creates more career opportunities in the medical field. A degree is going to expand where you work and increase your annual salary base.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts 29 percent employment growth for medical assistants from 2012 to 2022. This is much faster than average employment growth across all occupations, which according to the BLS, are around 10 percent.

We selected the top schools for the best online programs medical assisting based on the courses, program quality, and reputation of the schools for effectively providing online degree programs.

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Midway College

Located in Kentucky, this non-profit, private liberal arts college is associated with the Christian Church. The main campus remains a women-only college. For online undergraduate and graduate programs, men and women are encouraged to apply.

The Medical Assisting degree program includes the option of accelerated instruction. Students learn to perform clinical procedures, administrative procedures, and patient care. The program’s curriculum centers on communications, computers applications, anatomy, and biology. Other courses include laboratory procedures, and microbiology for medical programs. Students must also participate in two externships.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and was founded in 1890. The college is a private, for-profit, distance learning institution that offers over 150 specialized programs.

The online Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting provides graduates with eligibility to participate in the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examinations.

Students are required to take 65 semester units, including coursing such as billing processing, taking patient medical histories, appointment scheduling, and health record management.

Keiser University

A for-profit university, Keiser University is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has campuses throughout the state. This university offers a wide variety of available online degrees such as business, criminal justice, information technology and psychology. Classes take four weeks to complete with the student only attending one class at a time.

Students studying for the online Medical Assistant Associate’s degree will have an opportunity to train under doctors and learn hands-on valuable skills for this field of study. Graduates are well prepared to accept jobs in medical settings. The program focuses intently on clinical duties and administrative tasks, all while preparing student to gain credentials.

Liberty University Online

Liberty University Online is one of the world’s biggest online universities with over 90,000 students from all across the world. It is a Christian school which has been training for Champions for Christ since 1971. This university pioneered distance education in 1985.

With more than 160 fully accredited programs available, Liberty University Online continues to excel in education. Classes allow for customization and flexibility. Core classes may only be available in a regular 16 week term. The Associate in Medical Office Assistant program consists of 61 semester units and includes courses such as Introduction to Health Professions, Medical Terminology, Medical Office Billing and Bookkeeping, Medical Office Systems and Procedures.

The online medical assistant associate degree program prepares students for assistant positions in numerous healthcare environments.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is a private, for-profit online university. They offer a 92-quarter-unit online medical assistant associate’s degree, focused on important basic knowledge and skills such as anatomy, physiology, office management, and medical coding

Students learn to assist doctors in patient preparation and examination. They also learn to perform laboratory tests including blood work, urinalysis, and electrocardiograms.

Students must complete clinical training and an externship at a healthcare facility.

Harrison College

A for-profit college based in Indianapolis, Harrison College has campuses across Indiana and Ohio. The college enrolls approximately 6,000 students and boasts five schools of study. These emphases include Business, Health Studies, Information Technology, Criminal Justice, and Veterinary Technology and Culinary school.

The online medical assistant associate’s degree program consists of 96 quarter units. The program prepares students to work at doctor’s offices, laboratories, and public health agencies. Students will also be required to obtain a medical assistant externship.

Stratford University

Stratford University has seven campuses throughout the state of Virginia and one campus in New Delhi, India. This university offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in business administration, computer information systems, health studies, nursing, culinary arts, and hotel management. Associate’s degrees take approximately 15 months to complete.

The associate degree in medical assisting includes 90 quarter units. The program includes an externship.

The program curriculum includes medical terminology, medical law and ethics, phlebotomy procedures, pharmacology, computer office applications, medical computer applications, exams and specialty procedures, electrocardiography, and more.

Anthem College Online

Anthem College Online is owned and operated by the Anthem Education Group, a Florida-based system of for-profit technical schools.

Anthem College Online offers a variety of degrees such as accounting, technology, business management, criminal justice, health information management, healthcare management, medical assisting, medical office administration, and paralegal services.

This Associate’s in Medical Assisting degree program is a focused curriculum which includes emergency care, workplace safety, patient assessment, ethics, communication skills, computer skills, and psychology. The program also covers healthcare compliance.

Students applying for admission to the Associate’s in Medical Assisting degree-completion program must have worked at least one year in the field, or they must have completed their clinical externship.

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