Best Optometric Assistant Schools in Canada

Best Optometric Assistant Schools in Canada

If you are considering optometric assistance program in Canada, don’t confuse with a ophthalmologists programs in Canada then you will have to it have an English background or a French one as this are the only languages that the programs offered.

Optometric in Canada are highly trained professionals, you can even obtain a Doctor in Optometry where you will be needed to complete Doctor of Optometry program in Canada that only takes five years or at times four then you proceeds by two to four years of the science-based undergraduate training. The best optometric assistance school in Canada offers the same standard of training as those of ophthalmologists programs in Canada

Best school offering optometry assistance in Canada

There only two schools in Canada which offers the optometry assistance program. One of the academic training is in English while the other is in French. The University of Waterloo offers the program in English while the University of Montreal offers the same program in French. Most of the Canadian student happens to complete their training in optometry in United States medical schools. Unlike the ophthalmologists programs in Canada that is offered by so many universities in Canada, the optometry is just limited to just two universities.

All the practices optometrists are later licensed by their Provincial regulatory body in the same manner as other health professions. For those interested in more information regarding the topic you can always visit the Canadian Association of optometry for more info for more information regarding the programs in Canada. In case you will be completing your optometry training in U.S. you must do some back check on the American Schools of Optometry.

The case is different if you are an optometrist outside Canada as you will need some additional information that is offered on the CAO website regarding foreign students.

Want to become an optometric assistant?

Those interested in becoming optometric assistant, and then you have to visit the Canadian Association of Optometry from more detail on the career. This still applies to those involved ophthalmologists programs in Canada.

The University of Waterloo optometric assistant program

Unlike the ophthalmologists program in Canada, the optometric assistant is offered in English only in this university. The school of Optometry, as well as vision, is one of the professional schools in the University of Waterloo. The school is on the faculty of science and the larger of the two optometry schools in Canada. Here you will benefit from the English language optometry instruction in the country apart from those students who move in United States to complete the program. The University de Montréal has a French-language optometry program.

Unlike the ophthalmologists programs, a four-year doctor of optometry program in preparation for the practice of optometry. This includes

  • classroom instruction
  • hands-on experience

The Graduates must pass board exams for their home province after graduation in order to practice, as with other health professions. This class covers the general sciences and particular aspects of vision.

Lastly the ophthalmologist’s programs seems different when it comes to the International Optometric Bridging Program a new program intended for optometrists trained outside Canada and the USA, to help learning the language, academic, and clinical skills needed to practice in Canada


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