Best Colleges for Astrophysics

Best Colleges for Astrophysics

Introduction Astrophysics, the study of our universe, is an eternal subject. We exist because the universe exists. Studying the heavenly bodies in the sky began centuries ago – and remains to this day one of the most interesting scientific fields. For those of of who are unconvinced of astrophysics general appeal and find such a … Read more

What Type of Degree Should I Get?


​Introduction Can’t decide what type of degree you should get? You are not the first, nor likely to be the last. In fact, right now you are at a crucial point of your life. The choice you make will have repercussions rippling out the rest of your life. It is imperative that you make the … Read more

7 Reasons to Study Robotics

Mechatronics Salary

​Introduction Robotics is a blend of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science and programming. It is the field that sees the design, construction, operation and ultimately, the use of robots. What is a robot? A mechanical device programmed by humans to follow a set of instructions with high accuracy. … Read more

10 Types of Software Developers

software development

Introduction What is software development? The collective processes involved in creating software programs, running through the whole system development life cycle. The first programming language, “Brief Code” was first developed in 1949. Since then, software development has grown to titanic proportions. Programming languages have increased in number, complexity and scope and used world wide on … Read more

Mechatronics Salary 2017

Mechatronics Salary

​Introduction A multidisciplinary field, mechatronics combines aspects of eletronics, mechanical engineering primarily, as well as computer engineering, systems engineering and control engineering secondarily. It is a fast evolving field, with all its structural components heavily influenced by technological advances.Mechanotrics is considered as one of the most interesting fields of engineering. It is, however, one of … Read more

Where Can I Get a 2 Year Engineering Degree

Engineering Degree

Introduction Not everyone is willing to commit four full years to earn a bachelor’s degree. The reasons are many, but chief amongst them are usually time and budgetary constraints. In these cases, earning a two year degree – otherwise known as an associate degree – is often a viable choice. In fact, there are many … Read more

How Much Do Architectural Engineers Make

Architectural Engineers

Introduction An architectural engineer is a specialist who applies science and technology in order to design buildings. It is a highly complex profession, which often calls the architectural engineer to take a combination of different but equally important factors of building design into acount – from a building’s structural integrity all the way to its … Read more