Education Required to Become a Certified Travel Counsellor

Earning a degree and completing the travel and tourism program is the best way to enjoy the benefits of certified travel counsellors. Having an educational background in the field of travel and tourism can prepare individuals to become proficient in their careers. Some companies may require high school diploma and completion of other coursework and requirements to become a travel agent but in order to stay competitive in this type of industry, you must gain a much higher education, check this link!

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​Travel counsellors generally help other people in their travel needs such as introducing the best destination explaining everything about local customs, traditions and language, required travel documents as well as hotel reservations and airfares bookings. To be able to carry out all these functions effectively, one has to undergo trainings and programs which could ready them for such responsibilities. They should be knowledgeable about the latest techniques and technologies in the ever changing trend in tourism and travel industry.

A person having earned complete program and trainings needed to become a travel agent is more favorable to enter the industry with good salary. The education can condition an individual in its employment opportunity providing organizational and marketing skills, destination planning as well as travel and tourism management. Employers often hire aspirants who possess all the required skills and knowledge.
If you have the passion to travel and aspire to join the pool of certified travel counsellors, you must comply with the education requirement and other qualification standards:

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma or its equivalent is needed to apply for a travel agent or counsellor. Though this qualification may be a jumpstart in the travel and tourism industry, most employers prefer those applicants who have formal trainings and completed travel programs or courses. Most of these programs are offered in industry recognized universities or community colleges that usually range on a length of six months to two years. Anyone who has a bachelor’s or masteral degree can also find employment in this industry.

Certification and Trainings

Most countries require travel counsellors to be registered. Through a travel agency organization, travel professionals can earn a certification. There is an on-going education for travel agents who are already in the industry and earned long years of experience. Course trainings and programs may vary depending on the college or university you are attending. Some may offer 6-8 weeks travel trainings while a comprehensive study is offered ranging to six months or two years. Once completed, an individual need to pass the curriculum exam. After which, the certification can be earned and need to be recertify every year.


Certified travel counsellors can widen their knowledge and skills through specialization. There are number of accredited universities and colleges which offer this type of program. The program basically range for a length of two years with emphasis in developing individual skills on tourism geography, marketing, negotiation, business selling and computer reservation. Travel counsellors may choose their area of specialization such leisure or vacation travel or business travel as well as in product areas like group travel, incentive travel or cruises. Some educational institutions also offer online study to complete the program.

Travel agents should possess important skills in communication, sales and marketing, numeracy and computer skills do their jobs effectively. Having an educational background in travel and tourism courses or programs can prepare you for employment in the industry. Most hotel firms, travel agencies and corporate tourism and travel sectors are looking for travel agents who are well-travelled and have experiences in domestic or international travel to provide personalized assistance to their clients.

Their education and job-training are plus points during their application process. Professionals who work-related careers or have experiences in this type of industry can get along with people’s travel needs very well. Additionally, these professionals should have an access to the latest pricing and rates on tour and travel packages, hotel accommodations and airfare tickets, thus it is important that they are prepared to possess computer skills. It is important that you have gained more credentials everything about the travel and tourism industry to attain exciting perks in this career.

​If you wish to enjoy the benefits of being one of the certified travel counsellors, complete your education requirement now.

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