FAFSA Requirements 2018 – How Can I Get Financial Aid?

FAFSA Requirements 2018 - How Can I Get Financial Aid

The FAFSA application changed from previous years in 2017. You are probably aware that the application is used to apply for financial aid for college. While the application process is slightly different due to security measures, you still need to ensure that you are eligible to apply for the financial aid before you do. Here the are requirements for FAFSA:

General requirements:

  • A US citizen or permanent resident. Those that are non-citizens can also apply if they are eligible.
  • Students must possess a social security number unless they are from the Freely Associated States.
  • Must have completed high school possessing a high school diploma or a GED.
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    Either be enrolled or accepted to a certificate or degree program at a university or college that is eligible for federal student aid Title IV.

Application requirements:

  • You must complete the complete application for FAFSA, which is free.
  • Be able to go through with the verification requirements, this will be done if the college or university gets information about the student’s FAFSA being selected.
  • Show the need for money, some FAFSA application is on needs-based criteria.
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    Agree to a Statement of Educational Purpose, this will certify that the student will use the aid for study purpose only.

In order to be eligible to apply for FAFSA, male students must register with Selective Service between the age of 18-25.

Once you get the aid, you also have to maintain a specific grade to ensure the aid is renewed. Students on the aid need to ensure they maintain a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale which translates to a C average. Also, you cannot be convicted of selling or in possession of illegal drugs during the time period of the aid.

The process of applying is simply, you need to fill the application out on FAFSA website and provide all the required documents.

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