Five Best X-Ray Technician Colleges Providing Student Aid

Getting the right education will establish the solid foundations of your career as an X-ray technician. Unfortunately, the best schools could be expensive to attend.

Looking for opportunities to become an X-ray technician without breaking the bank? If so, consider the colleges in this list. All of them have well-established programs in the field and they make several types of financial assistance available to students.

Oregon Institute of Technology

The Oregon Institute of Technology has both online and offline programs in the field of radiology. The radiologic science program is among the ones offering a very good return on investment. The 20-year net ROI is 496,900 for the average alumnus.

Students will obtain a bachelor’s degree and their studies will focus on several modalities like computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, fluoroscopy, mammography, radiography and portable radiography. Lab exercises and use of radiography equipment are included as the most practical curriculum elements.

Students at Oregon Institute of Technology can apply for various kinds of scholarships. These include a presidential scholarship, OWLS scholarship for science students, Oregon Tech athletic scholarships and a leadership/diversity scholarship among others.

Weber State University

The Department of Radiologic Sciences at Weber State University has both an associate’s program and a bachelor’s degree in radiologic science. If they want to, students can also pursue a master’s degree in radiologic science in the university that’s the recipient of the 2012 Best Radiologic Technology Training Program.

Both online and offline learning opportunities are available. Naturally, there’s a practical component that involves lab exercises and hands-on experience with the radiology imaging technology.

In terms of scholasrships,WeberStateUniversity has several options that students can choose among. Also, the full-time radiology students are eligible for federal financial aid.

University of Louisiana at Monroe

A program in radiologic technology is also available at theUniversity ofLouisiana atMonroe. This is a four-year, undergraduate program and the university is well-known for the facilities, as well as the level of technological support that students benefit from.

The curriculum focuses on a number of key concepts in the field of diagnostic imaging like radiographic procedures, advanced radiographic procedures, digital imaging, clinical radiography and radiobiology.

University ofLouisiana atMonroe has good financial assistance packages and scholarships that all potential students can apply for. There’s a full tuition and fees award, a tuition award that can reach up to 5,000 dollars, athletic scholarships, talent scholarships andULM foundation scholarships among others.

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

This university has an undergraduate program in radiologic science administration that can be completed both online and on campus. Students that opt for the online learning opportunity will simply need to visit the campus for exercises and lab sessions.

The curriculum consists of various core disciplines that include healthcare informatics, healthcare financial management, the American healthcare system and leadership in healthcare administration.

Just like the other colleges in the list,Saint Joseph’sCollege ofMaine has a couple of financial assistance opportunities. More than 50 percent of the full-time students at the college quality for work-study opportunities. There are merit scholarships based on grades and academic performance, new student scholarships and Sisters of Mercy Scholarships (in the range from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars).

Keiser University

A radiologic technology program is also available atKeiserUniversity. It brings together the quality of academics and affordability stemming from the available scholarships. This university, however, has solely an associate’s program in the field.

Some of the courses included in theKeiserUniversity radiology program include radiologic imaging, radiologic science, clinical rotation, advanced radiologic imaging and advanced pathophysiological imaging.

TheKeiserUniversity financial assistance program is just as diversified, as what the other colleges in the list have to offer. There are grants, loans and various types of scholarships for full-time students. All of the university’s scholarships are available to students enrolled in associate’s degree programs and many of those are merit-based.

When looking for the best college, always examine the price to quality ratio. Sometimes, the most inexpensive programs are far from the best ones. Reputable colleges typically have more expensive tuition but they also give excellent students access to multiple scholarships. Do your research in advance to determine what types of financial assistance you’re eligible for before applying.

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