Guide to Finding Work as an Online College Instructor

Do you have a career roadmap for you future which embraces the flexibility of working from home and setting your own hours? Teachers now have a variety of options with the implement of online colleges. As online education becomes more popular, there is a huge demand for instructors to teach college courses.


Plan your career

Get your degree

Get an internship.

Get familiar with distance-learning technology

Get some experience

Get an advanced degree

The specifics

Every online school offers something completely different than the next, and with that are also different hours and salaries. Most instructors work as part-time adjuncts. This is where the master’s and doctorate degree play a role in tenure-track faculty positions. Tenure positions may include other roles such as advising, administrative and mentoring.

The average salary for an online instructor is between $1500-2100 for a five to eight week course. Accelerated courses, meant for older, or working students typically is a five week course which pays the instructor $1500 dollars. As you begin to schedule your own courses, always bear in mind the length, this will help you assess the fee.

Some universities and community colleges will pay a flat fee, while others pay per ‘head’. When it is pay-per-head some schools encourage instructors to keep students from dropping out, or the instructor doesn’t get paid. Some schools will include a bonus for larger class sizes.

Many schools will have a limit to the amount of courses you can teach. This can easily reduce your ability to make a substantial yearly income from online teaching. The way to combat this and increase your earning potential is to teach at more than one online school simultaneously. It would require a tremendous amount of work on your part, and often times not justify the money.

Being an online teaching instructor provides an opportunity to remain in your career in a non-traditional way. The best way to approach any new opportunity is to try it out. It may be just the career path you have been looking for. If not, you still have a great degree and a golden resume in hand to pursue life ambitions.

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