8 Highest Starting Salary Jobs 2017


Highest Starting Salary Jobs

So, you have just now graduated or are going to graduate soon and have started thinking of your career prospects. Whilst it is true that you will be making the most money by the time you are around 40 years old, that does not mean you should not try to get a hefty headstart on your first job. In fact, for many people, their very first entry level job might be the basis of their future salary.

In this article, we will present you the top 8 highest starting salary jobs available on the market as of 2017. We base our list on WalletHubs research: 109 entry level jobs were compared on three key dimensions: The immediate opportunity they provide, their growth potential and their job hazards. An trend is evident at a glance, when the list if sorted by salary: The 8 highest paying jobs are almost exclusively STEM and law related.

Tax Attorney

Everytime tax issues pop up, the public relies on a tax attorney to resolve them. They are required to possess an excellent knowledge and understanding of tax laws and issues like income, property, gift and federal taxes. Such an attorney is responsible for keeping confidential records and tax information for clients. They are expected to understand financial and accounting principless. They are negotiators with the federal, state and local government. They should be capable of assessing and evaluating relevant tax issues, as well as researching and interpreting their respective laws.

Median Starting Salary: $93.899

Drilling Engineer

A drilling engineer gets involved in all stages of drilling oil and gas well operation. They are vital assets to the petroleum industry. They often work with other professionals, like geologists and geoscientists. Their work involves development, planning, supervising and engineering design. A drilling engineer should expect that they will regularly work offshore or in remote areas, and be willing to travel around the world. Naturally, they should be prepared to accept disruptions to their personal and family lives.

Median Starting Salary: $89,167


Otherwise known as general practitioner lawyers, attorneys usually work in private or corporate practices. Some are self-employed, whereas others work exclusively for those who hired them. Other than earning their juris doctor degree, attorneys are required to get admitted to the bar by passing a difficult test. The job demands excellent soft skills that go well beyond its undeniably rigorous academic requirements. Communication, written and oral is a given, and so is a critical thinking ability and persuasiveness.

Median Starting Salary: $89,052

Patent Attorney

A patent attorney is a law practitioner that specializes in intellectual property law. They help companies, businesses and inventors deal with patent, trademark, design and copyright issues and rights through their expert advice. As a patent attorney has to deal with different kinds of people, from scientists to inventors, their communication skills must be top notch. Simultaneously, they are expected to have a strong technical and scientific understanding of their area of expertise.

Median starting salary: $86,196

Employment Law Attorney

Whenever there is a legal issue or lawsuit between employer and employee, an employment law specialist lawyer is called to the rescue. They handle problems that involve wages, discrimination, harassment and workplace safety. An employment lawyer may work for a firm exclusively, on their own office or get employed by the government. He will be required to execute litigation duties like negotiation, legal writing, oral advocacy and counseling. Other than their law degree, they may require extra, specialty courses in this area.

Median starting salary: $83,142

Chemical Engineer

A chemical engineer is involved in the design and development of an extremely wide and diverse range of products, by using raw materials. Their work is, essentially, the change of the chemical, biochemical and physical state of substances into something new. They can find employment in many different industries, like energy, plastics, water treatment and pharmaceuticals. Due to the nature of the profession, a chemical engineer may be required to work in a lab, an office or a processing plant. In all cases, safety is critical and should be a high priority. Travel may be required in different stages of a project, as well as the use of specific, “safety” clothing.

Median starting salary: $71,842


A geophysicist is a scientist that specializes in studying, analyzing and understanding our planet’s physical properties. They use physics, chemistry, geology and advanced mathematics to study things like the atmosphere, the Earth’s oceans, the planet’s magnetic field or seismic activity. They employ highly complicated research methods and specialized equipment and they all have a strong academic background and training. Proficiency with computer related skills, like digital mapping and data analysis are also essential to geophysicists and are practically considered a given. A geophysicist may often be asked to do field research in distant, remote areas or foreign countries across the globe.

Median starting salary: $71,721

Aerospace Engineer

Perhaps the most illustrious engineering field, aerospace engineering involves the design of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and military equipment like rocket missiles. An aerospace engineer directs and coordinates all stages of the development of aircraft and aerospace products – including design, manufacturing and rigorous testing. They are expected to ensure that a given project meets quality standards, and they inspect them for any signs of problems, damage or malfunction. An aerospace engineer usually specializes in either aeronautical engineering, working mostly with aircraft, or astronautical engineering, working with spacecraft that performs inside and outside the Earth’s atmosphere. As the latter dimension of aerospace engineering is expected to evolve considerably over the next few years, so do the prospects of astronautical specialized engineer.

Median starting salary: $69,735


Our conclusions are very clear. As evidenced by the previous median staring salary data, it is quite certain that for the financially oriented individual, pursuing a career in law or engineering is

their best investment. It should be noted that all 8 of the highest starting salary jobs listed are quite intensive in both the required hard as well as soft skills. Candidates should definitely keep that in mind and aim for a holistic development of their training and relevant personality traits.

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