7 Impressive Apps Every Radiologist Needs to Know About

If you are getting into the field of radiology you’ll want to know a bit about the subject. You’ll also want a way to get some practice in. With the right apps you’ll be able to practice all of the skills you’ve learned in school and you’ll be ready to pass all of the tests. Here we have 7 different apps that will help you understand even more, even faster.

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Diagnostic Radiology

This app is available through iTunes for the iPad or iPhone. You’ll be able to learn all new information with this app that shows you interactive and annotated clinical data as well as real cases to read just like in a hospital. There are over 10,000 images to go through and check your understanding of the process. Learn to read the images or practice so you’re ready for your next assignment. You can even switch directly between images and information about that particular screen. For an added fee you can even purchase additional radiology images and information as you go.

Radiology Toolbox

With this app you’ll be able to review some of the important information that you may otherwise need to remember yourself. Radiology can be a complicated job and there are a lot of things to look for in the images you review. With this app (or the professional version for even more information) you don’t have to memorize all of those facts. Instead, you just open up this app and find out some of the important ways that different images can affect the individual and what you should do about it.

Radiology 2.0: One Night in the Ed

This app is great for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of reading CT scans. It presents you with a large number of scans via a simulated PACS workstation. You then read through the scan and enter into the discussion area which will help you understand what you should see and what you were able to see. Each case is different and there are over 7,000 images with hundreds of pages of information so you don’t need to worry about getting too bored with what you have. You’ll be able to see signs of various problems in each of these patients and learn to diagnose them with ease.


With this app you’ll be able to see images that are actually downloaded through DICOM. These images are extremely high definition which means you’ll get even better practice. You’ll be able to see exactly what you would in a real CT scan which means you’ll actually be prepared for work. You’ll also be able to zoom in, rotate and manipulate the images as well as using measuring tools. You can even retrieve additional information through email or the internet and send information to a DropBox folder. OsiriX also allows you to use ultrasound, MRI, PET and more types of scans for even more practice.

Mobile MIM

With this software application you can view, register and display different types of images from SPECT and PET to CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound. You can review the entire image to find out more about it and what you need to know to treat someone who may have it. You’ll also be able to understand which treatments are available and can approve different plans for those types of treatment. This application is intended for those who are already in the field of radiology and need an application that they can use on the job.


This app is completely offline which means you can practice whenever you have the time or the interest. You can download packs with cases for different parts of the body that also contain quizzes and additional information about each case. You’ll also have access to a number of articles and can work through everything as though you’re really in a clinical setting. If you’re looking for an app to help you study for your next exam then this is definitely something to check out. There are both free and paid add-ons which will help you discover additional parts of the body as well.

Surgical Radiology

This application is actually intended for those currently working in the field but it will still work wonders for those still learning. It will show you an image that represents a scan and may even give you some case notes. At this point you are to determine where the pathology is and what the diagnosis is. Upon giving a diagnosis you will answer questions related to the case of diagnosis you gave. This app is actually formatted as a game so you are timed in different sections and must complete questions quickly to earn points.

No matter what level learner you are you can learn a lot from each of these apps. You will be able to practice your skills and enhance them at the same time. The important thing is to find a format that works for you. While some of these will simply be ways to research information or remember strict facts, others will help you to enjoy the activity of learning. Playing games and earning points will help you to remember even better because when you’re enjoying yourself it’s easy to remember what you’re doing.

If you’re interested in even more information about different radiology apps and what you can learn from them you can check out this site. You’ll find even more apps and you’ll also have the ability to learn more about which one may be best for you. All of these apps are available on iTunes and some are even available through Google Play as well. Check out which app works for you and what you need. You may be surprised at the apps you can get very reasonably priced or even free and still get a lot of use and information out of them.

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