Job Opportunities for Certified Travel Counsellors

Are you passionate about travel and wanted to be a part of a challenging-filled career? Find a job in the travel and tourism industry and experience a unique adventure that provides long-lasting security. If you think you have all what it takes to be on the list of top certified travel counsellors, you have chosen the right career path. Even with the advent of the internet nowadays, this career is never feared to suffer any downfall. continue reading here!

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​There are great job opportunities waiting for travel agents out there. The substantial number of people traveling everyday has pushed this career to grow in higher demands as well. Every individual who wish to travel would search the services of an expert travel counsellor to assist in picking up the right destination, hotel reservations, airline ticket bookings and the like. Clients would also want to learn about useful information about the place they plan to visit where only a knowledgeable travel agent can make them understand.

After earning the necessary requirements, a person who wishes to join the pool of certified travel counsellors may find employment in the travel and tourism industry, to wit:

  • Corporate travel agent
  • Airline ticketing agent
  • Adventure tour organizer
  • Leisure travel agent
  • Reservations agent
  • Airline guest services agent
  • Wedding planning

Likewise, with a secondary diploma or much better with related college diploma and after certification from Institute of Travel Counsellors, there is a big possibility for a professional to get a good salary in the following employment areas:

  • Wholesale tour companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Corporate tourism offices
  • Transportation and Tourism firms
  • Hotel chains

A travel agent could also find employment at home. They can run their own business with the technical support from main franchise. Working at home gives them a freedom to handle their own time and schedule. Expert travel agents can also open their own travel agencies and operate their own business.

Travel agents in the future can also find possible career paths:

  • Travel agency owner/operator
  • Senior Travel Counsellor
  • Travel Agency Manager

After gaining years of experience and expertise in the travel and tourism industry, certified travel counsellors can widen their possibility of achieving good positions in the firm or agency they are employed. With a number of travel agents retiring, there are chances for new and deserving employees to grab the vacated position.

Travel agents play a crucial role in travel and tourism industry. They possess vast knowledge in promoting the tourism industry of a certain place as well as provide great recommendations to clients regarding travel products, tour packages and options. In the future, the occupational growth of this career is expected to rise higher. Professionals in the travel industry can attain advancement in the industry depending on the size of the company and ability of the travel agent towards sales and initiatives.

There are also factors affecting the occupational outlook of this career, including;

  • Growth in employment with the creation of new positions in a certain agency resulting to job openings
  • Location and size of the company
  • Growth on work opportunities with people retiring or vacating their positions

Job opportunities come to those who are persistent, qualified and possess the necessary skills to become a travel agent. The set of qualifications and requirements needed may vary from one employer to another. Though certification from the travel industry is not required by some employers, there are also some employers who would require their employees to be certified. Travel professionals who are new to their jobs and inexperienced are assigned in clerical positions in certain travel and tourism firms with in-service trainings in order to gain experience. The length of experience can equip travel agents to be expert sin their field. Experience in the job coupled with performance and initiative matters most in aspiring for a better career path in the industry.

​With the latest demands for travel products and needs, certified travel counsellors are sure to retain a stable career in the future. The occupational opportunity of this profession is expected to gain average growth which means that more travel agents can find themselves positioned in the travel and tourism industry. You don’t have to venture for a new career, join the travel and tourism industry so you may experience a career that gives you full time satisfaction!

Jon Haver
Search Analyst

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