Ohio State University Ranking

Ohio State University Ranking

As one of America’s largest educational institutions, Ohio State University offers some of the most comprehensive academic courses in the country. It is located in Columbus, the state capital. There is a wide variety of courses that are offered at this university, and the list keeps growing as time goes by. Apart from the main campus, there are other regional campuses that ensure that students from all those regions gain access to the courses. These campuses are found in Lima, Marion and Newark, Mansfield, as well as the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster. It is the quality of education, and the courses that the institution offers that influence Ohio University ranking.

Ohio State University 2017 Rankings

Universities in America are ranked according to their performance based on various indicators. There is a set of predetermined and widely accepted indicators that determine the final position among the rankings. In 2017, these rankings proved that this university still holds its place among the best institutions. The following is a clear breakdown of the statistics.

  • Among National Universities, it was ranked 54th
  • Among the Best Colleges For Veterans, it was ranked 31st
  • In the High School Counselor Rankings category, the university was ranked 49th

Application for admission to Ohio State University

One of the most important things to note when applying for admission to this university are the application deadlines. Usually, the application deadline if 1st of February, and the early action deadline is 15th of November. You also will be required to pay an application fee of $60. In addition to that, you should not forget about the scores for SAT or ACT test. The acceptance rate stands at 49%, and the early acceptance rate at 66.1%. This shows that the institution is quite selective. However, you also will find out that despite these requirements, the university is one of those that have the easiest application process. Those who have applied for admission to more than one university in America will tell you that the process at this institution is simpler and faster than what you are going to find at the other universities.

Student life at Ohio state University

One of the factors that helped achieve the impressive ranking of the university is the student life. The total undergraduate enrollment at this university stands at 45,289. The gender distribution is one of the best in America at 52% male and 48% female students. 26% of the students at this school live in housing that is either owned, operated, or affiliated to the college. The rest live off campus. Being part of the NCAAI athletic conference, there is no doubt that the student life is made even better. The students enjoy a wide range of hospitality services. Those who live on campus are accorded some of the best housing units of a modern university. You will be impressed to find out the the campus housing units are always filled.

Academic life at Ohio State University

It is difficult to talk about Ohio State University ranking without mentioning the academic life. As per the latest statistics, the student -faculty ratio at this school is 19:1. About 29% of the classes at the institution have fewer than 20 students. Among the most popular majors at this university include; General Biology, Biological sciences, General Finance, Psychology, and Marketing Management. Statistics also show that the average freshman retention rate is 93%. With such a rate, there is no doubt that student satisfaction is high. Most of the students that join the institution want to complete their majors at the same school because of the services and life that they get. In addition to that, you will easily note that by the time of the application deadline, the university receives so many applications that it has to block almost half of them.

Cost & Financial Aid

Of the full-time undergraduates at the Ohio State University, 48% of them get need-based financial aid. Withe the average scholarship and grant standing at $9,633, these students have been able to get enough financing to take them through their studies. Applications for scholarship are always overwhelming, although every effort has been made to ensure that everyone that deserves it gets it. This can be seen in the way most of the students are keen to get an even higher amount, but always have to be content with what they get. Those who get denied for various reasons have to find alternative ways to finance their studies.

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Ohio State University Campus Services

There are various student services that are offered at the university. You can enjoy non remedial tutoring, day care, women’s center, health services, and health insurance. Other services include transport and emergency telephones. In fact, you will like the fact that the university also offers late night transport services to their students. There are lighted pathways, and alcohol is permitted as long as the students are of legal age. Security services include restricted dormitory access, and surveillance cameras.

In a nutshell, the Ohio state University Ranking is an indication of the quality of academic and nonacademic services that you are going to enjoy once you enroll. In addition to that, the safety statistic from the university show that criminal offenses and similar vices among students has not been as high as what is reported from other universities. However, everyone is advised to carry out their own research, and evaluate the safety of any campus including the surrounding areas.

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