How Much do Medical Technologists Make?

A medical technologist is a professional that gets an opportunity to work in the field of healthcare without having to interact directly with patients. The profession requires analytical skills that are used to properly diagnose conditions. Technologists typically work in labs where they examine samples under a microscope or they take a look at the … Read more

How Much do Medical Helicopter Pilots Make?

Emergency medical service (EMS) pilots have a really responsible and difficult job. These professionals have to transport patients, medical professionals and equipment from one location to another. Very often, their speed and professionalism will determine whether human lives are going to be saved.The job of anEMS pilot is undoubtedly interesting and diversified. It’s most definitely … Read more

How Much do Medical Transcriptionists Make

Medical transcriptionists work in the lucrative healthcare field and they enjoy a vast range of additional benefits. One of the most attractive characteristics of the job is that it can be practiced from a home office. The flexibility and opportunities stemming from this occupation make many individuals eager to give it a try.The freedom of … Read more