How Much do Medical Coders Make?

Medical billing and coding is a field that provides excellent career development opportunities, as well as flexibility. Medical billers and coders are hired by a vast range of organisations in the healthcare field, as well as by insurance companies. The need for such professionals is expected to increase in the years to come and this … Read more

Is a Medical Billing and Coding Internship worth It?

The Job of a Medical Biller and Coder As a professional medical coding and billing specialist, you are a master of the medical –specialized language. This career choice involves reviewing medical records and assigning the exact codes to patient’s procedures, assembling bills, posting payments and reconciling accounts. You have the opportunity to either work in-office … Read more

What is the best online medical billing and coding school?

The scope of career in the medical billing and coding profession is increasingly booming. According to a research conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession will see up to 25% growth within the next couple of years. The main responsibility of a medical biller or coder is to organize and manage … Read more