Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

The exciting career of the nurse drives many young professionals to pursue this path but the first years of practicing may be connected to some financial burdens. Apart from having to deal with a student loan, the majority of young nurses don’t earn a particularly high salary.A registered nurse earns an hourly payment ranging between … Read more

Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers

Beginners trying to establish their career in the teaching field usually don’t experience very high salaries. If you’re one of these professionals, you’ve probably pursued the career because you love working with children and you enjoy teaching others. You may, however, experience some financial difficulties until you build your reputation.Many teachers are looking for student … Read more

Student Loan Forgiveness in 2015 – What will Change

The Pay as You Earn (PAYE) program for student loan forgiveness was passed back in the end of 2012 but some modifications have been proposed in 2015. What will change and what will stay the same in terms of student loan forgiveness? The following guide will acquaint you with all of the novelties. Expanded PAYE … Read more