The 5 Best Industries To Work In in 2018

In 2018, you have more options in terms of industries to work in than ever before. You find that many people study one thing but end up working in an industry that is completely opposite to what they studied all because they find it more appealing. If you are tired of your job or just getting into the market, these are the 6 best industries to work in.


The design and creative industries are growing at a rapid rate. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing industries that outperform others, in terms of growth. You have numerous options in this particular industry from working as a freelancer to working in a marketing firm. Every business today needs a designer so you can find a job in pretty much any industry from web development to a logistics company.


The recruitment industry grew by 20% in 2017 and is projected to continue to grow. You can work in a companies HR department and help with recruitment or many businesses are now opting for outsourcing their recruitment needs. You find many recruitment firms that provide the service of recruiting for big companies. The path you take into the industry is completely up to you.


Manufacturing in the US and UK are said to be on the rise as the two countries look to bring a lot of their outsourced manufacturing plants back home. In the UK, the industry is predicted to grow 23% by the end of this year. There will be plenty of jobs in manufacturing and the pay is also fairly decent.

Software development

When it comes to working for a tech company, the benefits, and the environment cannot be beaten. That is why software development is a wonderful industry to work in. The work is technical and may require off-hour work but you get perks and the chance to work with technology giants and startups. The upside to working in software development is high.


Cybersecurity is a growing industry, as cybercrime continues to grow. The industry doesn’t require much prior experience, you just need to be tech-savvy and willing to learn. The industry of cybersecurity is said to exceed the $1 trillion mark by 2021. So it continues to grow and requires a lot of workers.

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