The Best Online Environmental Engineering Degrees

Students that are interested in dealing with environmental issues should most definitely look for an environmental engineering degree. The need for such professionals will continue growing in the future, which means that getting a degree right now will open up wonderful career establishment opportunities.

Online educational programs provide a lot of convenience in terms of studying at one’s own pace. Are you interested in becoming an environmental engineer? If so, here’s a list of the best online environmental engineering programs.

1. Stanford University’s Graduate Environmental Engineering Program

This program deserves the top spot due to the incredibly high return on investment that students get. Stanford University graduates see an annual return of 10.4 per cent on the amount invested in their education.

Students need 45 credits to complete the program. Depending on the amount of time that can be dedicated to academic activities, the program can be completed in a period ranging from three to five years.

A few specialization opportunities can be chosen among. The program could have a concentration on environmental fluid mechanics, construction engineering and management, hydrology and structural engineering. Potential environmental engineers will need to attend a few of the campus activities in order to obtain their master’s degree.

The tuition fee per quarter unit is 1,320 dollars and a graduate course will consist of anywhere between three and five quarter units. Financial assistance options are available.

2. Johns Hopkins University Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering

When it comes to technological support, Johns Hopkins University has an unparalleled environmental engineering online program. Live streaming, recorded lectures and audio files are available for students. All of these add flexibility and convenience for people that prefer different methods of accessing academic information.

Upon the completion of the program, students will get a graduate degree in environmental engineering and science.

Some of the courses incorporated in the program include hydrology, environmental monitoring, environmental microbiology, aquatic chemistry, modeling contaminant migration, principles of toxicology, nanotechnology and the environment, open channel hydraulics and principles of estuarine environment.

Apart from all lectures, students have access to labs online. Bulletin boards and smartphone apps facilitate access to information even further and make it easier for the online students to interact with their instructors.

3. University of Washington Online Environmental Engineering Degree

University of Washington’s online graduate program deserves inclusion among the best academic opportunities available to off-campus students.

The university has an excellent digital library that gives students access to tons of essential information. Electronic journals, guides, specialized newspapers and other digital materials are available in the university’s virtual library. Mobile guides and tutorials have also been included to the rich catalogue.

Students need to complete 42 graduate credits to obtain their degree. Some of the courses incorporated in the program include environmental regulations, construction operations and productivity, utility system construction, energy infrastructure and the environment, computer-aided construction and structural fundamentals for construction.

The online program consists of all the materials that the campus students will get access to. In addition, the online students will also benefit from regular interactions with the instructors that will increase the effectiveness of the program.

The cost per credit is 695 dollars, which brings the total value of the program to 29,190 dollars. Students can apply for various kinds of financial assistance like federal grants, scholarships and loans.

4. International Telematic University Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering

This university based in Rome, Italy, is 100 per cent dedicated to giving students access to distance learning programs. It’s based on the Mediterranean Network of Universities project, which is a network of universities.

The program enables students to obtain a fully-online degree in environmental engineering. It consists of 180 credits and the full-time duration of the program is approximately 36 months. Online group discussions, access to study materials and interactions with professors make it easier for students to complete the program.

Some of the courses that students will be required to take include statistics and dynamics of mechanical systems, structural mechanics, industrial building systems, hydraulics, safety and construction, technical mechanics, geology and geotechnics and roads and transportation infrastructures.

All individuals enrolled in this program are eligible to benefit from financial aid. The university is fully-accredited and the bachelor of engineering degree obtained there is recognized internationally.

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