The Best Online Master in Education Programs

Full-time teachers that want to take their career to the next level should consider getting a graduate degree in education. If you’re already working as a teacher and you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to academic activities, an online degree will be your best pick.

Numerous universities have graduate education programs that are 100 per cent delivered online. The faculty credentials, the quality of the curriculum and the online learning platform should all be assessed before choosing one program or another.

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University of Houston

According to US News and World Report,University ofHouston has the best online graduate program in education. The university has gotten top scores for faculty credentials, quality of student services/technology and student engagement.

Potential students have a number of master in education programs to choose among. The specialisation possibilities include early childhood education, health science education, mathematics education, higher education and special education.

Each of these programs has its individual curriculum and credit requirements. Students interested in higher education, for example, will need 36 credit hours to graduate.

The tuition fees may also differ slightly on the basis of the specialisation program that has been chosen. Local students will have to spend approximately 10,000 dollars on their graduate tuition (additional fees may apply). For out-of-state students, the sum goes up to 22,000 dollars.

Johns Hopkins University

This is another reputable academic institution that gives students opportunities for obtaining an online graduate degree in education. Just like in the case ofUniversity ofHouston, students have a couple of specialisation possibilities to choose among.

The master degrees available atJohnsHopkinsUniversity include education in the health professions, educational studies, organisational leadership and technology for education.

All of the courses for these programs can be completed online. Some of the master’s degrees, however, may have a residency requirement.JohnsHopkinsUniversity has a well-developed Electronic Learning Community – a password-protected online community that allows for academic interactions and access to learning tools.

Keep in mind that the admission requirements for this prestigious university are quite strict. Students should also be prepared to pay hefty tuition fees – approximately 45,470 dollars per year. The Johns Hopkins online students are eligible for the distance educational scholarships provided by the university. These are awarded on the basis of both needs and academic merits.

Florida State University

The remote master in education atFloridaStateUniversity is another program included among the top learning opportunities in the US World and News Report list.

Students are once again free to choose among several master’s programs. These include curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, instructional systems and learning technologies, learning and cognition and special education studies.

FloridaState is recognised as an elite research university by Carnegie Foundation. This means that the university gets serious funding for academic research, resulting in high quality educational program development. All of the faculty members are industry leaders and they’re responsible both for on-campus learning and the online curriculum development.

Graduate students atFloridaStateUniversity should be prepared to spend 479 dollars per credit hour for in-state students and 1,110 dollars per credit hour for out-of-state students. Financial assistance options are available.

University of Alabama

University ofAlabama has high quality and affordable online learning opportunities in the field of graduate education. Once again, students have freedom when it comes to choosing the graduate degree. The university has specialisations in educational psychology, elementary education, secondary curriculum teaching, special education (a hybrid program that has both an online and an offline component) and secondary education science.

All of the courses are available for completion online. Students, however, may be asked to participate in some fieldwork. The requirements vary from one of the master’s degrees to the other. Information about the specifics is available on the university’s official website.

One of the most intriguing tools thatUniversity ofAlabama remote students get access to is a virtual lab. The virtual lab offers extensive support in terms of assignment preparation.

The tuition rate for in-state students is 360 dollars per credit hour. Out-of-state students should be prepared to spend 1,018 dollars per credit hour. Depending on the graduate learning opportunity chosen, the cost of tuition will vary from 9,450 dollars for in-state students to 24,000 dollars for out-of-state students.

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