The Best Online Programs Master of Science in Nursing

Nurses that are looking for even better professional opportunities should think about getting a graduate degree in the field. A master in nursing (MSN) degree enables professionals to work as nurse practitioners, certified clinical nurses, certified nurse anaesthetists and as several other specialised experts.

If you’re already working as a nurse or you’re looking for an opportunity to reduce the cost of obtaining a graduate degree, going for a web-based program will be ideal for you. Online programs give you a lot of flexibility and the cost per credit is usually a lot lower than in the case of campus-based programs.

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Georgetown University

GeorgetownUniversity has a high quality online MSN program developed by theSchool ofNursing and Health Studies. The university is well-known for its academic traditions because it was established back in 1789. Recently, online learning opportunities were added to its curriculum.

Students can choose among four graduate specialisation opportunities – adult gerontology acute nurse care practitioner, family nurse practitioner, nurse-midwifery and women’s health nurse practitioner. The courses vary based on the type of specialisation that the students choose.

Depending on the program, the cost of tuition will also vary. The cost will range from 21,000 to 36,000 dollars per year. Financial assistance options and student loans are available.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

University ofMassachusetts Amherst has two graduate nursing degrees online – a graduate certificate in nursing education and a master of science – clinical nurse leader.

The clinical nurse leader (CNL) specialisation prepares nurses to design and coordinate the provision of services, prevention and illness management in a medical institution. The program has Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education certification.

Some of the courses that the participants in the program will be required to take include research methodology in nursing, principles of epidemiology, informatics for nursing practice, leadership in public health systems and advanced pathophysiology.

The cost per credit is 750 dollars and students are required to have 37 credits for graduation.

University of Texas

University ofTexas Medical Branch has a range of master degrees in nursing. Students can choose among adult/gerontology primary care nurse practitioner, clinical nurse leader, executive nurse leader, family nurse practitioner, neonatal nurse practitioner and nurse educator.

The number of credits varies from program to program.

University ofTexas has the oldest medical school in the state. The academic health center has more than 11,000 employees and it puts a lot of emphasis on medical research. Though the degrees can be completed online, the students will also need a respective number of hours of clinical experience, as well.

The cost of each individual program varies. The cost of the adult/gerontology primary care nurse practitioner program, for example, is 23,387 dollars forTexas residents and 42,497 dollars for out-of-state students.

Medical University of South Carolina

This is another reputable academic institution that has an online graduate program in nursing. The university was founded in 1824 and originally, it was a private college. Today, the Medical University of South Carolina has grown in a large-scale university that trains many future medical professionals.

Graduate nursing students can choose among three specialisation areas – adult/gerontology health nurse practitioner, paediatric nursing practitioner and family nurse practitioner. Each of the programs consists of 60 credits. Upon the completion of each program, the graduates are eligible to apply for national certification.

The cost per credit for each of the programs is 8,116 dollars for in-state students and 9,553 dollars per credit for out-of-state students.

East Carolina University

TheEastCarolinaUniversity graduate nursing program has a number of specialisation options for students to choose among. These fields include nursing education, midwifery education, nursing leadership, adult/gerontology clinical nurse practitioner and neonatal nurse practitioner.

The credits vary from program to program. The most extensive one is the midwifery education program with 51 credits and the nursing leadership program has a 37-credit requirement for graduation.

East Carolina is a public research university. Founded back in 1907, today it has more than 100 undergraduate programs and 85 graduate degrees. PhD programs are also available for the students to choose among. Some of these can be completed in the form of remote learning programs.

The cost per credit for each of the nursing specialisation fields is 322 dollars for in-state students and 826 for out-of-state students.

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