The Four Best Online Bachelor in Accounting Degree Programs

With a median salary of 64,000 dollars in the US , accountants and auditors rank among the professionals that enjoy relatively high levels of professional stability. Getting started with this career is far from a challenging task – you’ll simply need to choose the right educational opportunity.

Online courses provide a lot of flexibility and freedom, which is why so many people opt for this remote learning opportunity. If you’re looking for a good program that you can complete online, you’ll find the following list of quality bachelor’s degrees quite beneficial.

1. Northeastern University ’s Online Bachelor in Accounting Program

Several 2015 online college rankings give the Northeastern University accounting program the number one position. Full-time online students can complete the program in four years and they enjoy excellent academic and technical support through the university’s distance learning platform.

Individuals that are interested in taking their studies to the next level can complete the Northeaster master’s program in the field of accounting, as well.

The bachelor’s degree curriculum consists of accounting and finance essentials among which managerial accounting, principles of macroeconomics, organisational communication, investment principles, credit analysis, dynamics of business and working capital management.

When it comes to numbers, the fee per credit hour is 378 dollars and the overall estimated tuition fee is slightly over 61,000 dollars. Students can choose among a range of financial assistance possibilities.

2. Colorado State University ’s Global Campus Accounting Program

Completing the Colorado State University accounting program online will give you all of the essential skills and knowledge to build a successful career in the field. On top of giving students a fully-online learning opportunity, Colorado State University has also developed a range of specialisation options. Students can choose among lucrative fields like human resources, healthcare management, marketing, data management and analysis, project management, public administration and many others.

Some of the courses included in this online program are the legal and ethical environment of business, principles of finance in the private sector, quantitative business analysis, federal individual taxation, information systems for accounting and auditing.

The cost per credit is relatively the same as in the case of Northeastern University – 350 dollars. One course usually consists of three credits, which adds up to a price per course of 1,050 dollars.

3. University of Alabama ’s Online Bachelor in Accounting Degree

According to US News and World Report, the University of Alabama ’s Collat School of Business ranks among the best in the nation. The bachelor of accounting program can be completed on campus or 100 per cent online.

The faculty members responsible for traditional classroom activities and the development of e-learning opportunities are the same. Students that complete the online training will also be prepared to pass some of the most common exams in the field like Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified International Auditor (CIA).

Students can also go ahead and complete a master of accounting degree online upon the acquisition of their bachelor’s degree.

The cost of taking the bachelor courses is 400 dollars per credit for general education courses and 667 dollars per credit for the undergraduate business courses. The total price of tuition adds up to slightly over 68,000 dollars. Financial assistance options are available in the form of grants, scholarships and loans.

4. Penn State World Campus Bachelor in Accounting Program

Penn State University has an online undergraduate program in business administration that also features a specialisation in accounting. Students get a deeper understanding of both financial and managerial accounting through the courses included in the program. It’s also possible to acquire more profound skills in the fields of auditing and taxation.

The undergraduate program consists of 120 credits. Apart from getting to specialise in the field of accounting, students can also choose an alternative focus (entrepreneurship, financial services, management and marketing are some of the possibilities).

Some of the most interesting courses that are a part of the curriculum include principles of taxation, auditing, intermediate financial accounting, financial statement analysis, financial and managerial accounting for decision making, strategic business planning and international business operations.

The tuition cost per credit is 579 dollars, which adds up to the entire tuition fee being slightly over 69,000 dollars. Students have various financial assistance possibilities to choose among like deferred payment plans, third-party payments, employer reimbursement, student loans and scholarships.

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