The Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

Choosing a college major can definitely seem overwhelming. There are many aspects to take into consideration. Of course, it is important to choose a career that you will enjoy and that offers a suitable income. On top of this, the ebb and flow of the job market it makes it important to determine what majors will be in high demand when you graduate. Wouldn’t it be nice to be guaranteed job security in a high paying job that you love? Fortunately, websites like and Forbes have made it easier to see what jobs are in demand and what career paths are making a solid living. Here is a list of the most popular college majors that provide the best job security with the highest starting pay.

Computer Science

Degrees in Computer Science equip their graduates for a career path that is in high demand right now. Innovation in this field is impressive and so is the job growth. The pay is striking as well. PayScale sites the early career salary at around $61,000. Salary in this career grows rapidly and hits over $100,000 in the middle of the career.


While Finance might not seem like the most exciting major, it is a safe bet in terms of salary. In addition, Finance is generally ranked highly for hire. While the beginning pay is a bit lower than other majors, this major can pay of in terms of finding a secure career path. In fact, Forbes ranks it at the top of their list of “Top Degrees For Getting Hired In 2015.” Early career finance graduates make around $50,000 and by the middle of the career they near $90,000.

Mechanical Engineering

Studying this difficult major will assure you a nice salary. While it is not quite as sought after as majors that ranked higher on the list, the demand is still high. In fact, Mechanical Engineering garners more demand than any of the other engineering fields. And, with a salary of around $62,000 to start college graduates will be glad they stuck with the difficult math.

Information Systems

Information Systems turns out to be a profitable and hirable major. Similar to computer science, this major is in high demand and ranks high because of the major’s desirability. The pay scale is slightly lower with an early career salary of around $50,000 and salaries in the $80,000 range when their career hits its stride.

Electrical Engineering

The second engineering major to make the list, Electrical Engineering can be both a profitable and stable career choice. Those who graduate with this degree are not quite as sought after as those who graduate with a more business focused degree but they end up with a starting salary just under $60,000 and can make just below $90,000 at the middle of their career.


Accounting will guarantee job security. In fact, it is ranked just under Finance as a safe major for getting hired. The pay is quite similar at the beginning, though it does not have the same growth as a career in Finance. The salary for a beginner is just under $50,000 and this salary is raised to around $75,000 by the middle of their career.

Supply Chain Management

As the world becomes increasingly connected and more globally oriented, a degree like supply chain management will get you far. Students who major in this area can expect to make just above $50,000 at the start but by the middle of their career they are reaching salaries close to that of engineers!

Information Technology Management

A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management will certainly land you a job. IT Management is a great study choice, as it is in high demand. Those starting in this field will likely make a little over $50,000 at the start and over $70,000 by the middle of their career.

Business Management

Business Management or Business Administration are great majors if you are worried about your career’s future. Those who study in this area are generally guaranteed a job. They will make around $45,000 in the beginning of their career and can raise the number just above $70,000 when they become more experienced.

Business and Marketing

Marketing is another highly sought after business degree. While the beginning might offer less pay in this field, success is certainly a pay off. Always in demand, marketers can start around $45,000. Those who do well in marketing can reach around $85,000 by the middle of their career.

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