Tips for Creating the Best Travel Agent Resume (and a Travel Agent Resume Template)

A successful career in the travel and tourism field requires a diversified range of skills. To find a good professional opportunity, you need an impeccable presentation that will convince a potential employer that you have all of the required skills.

Writing the perfect resume has its specifics, especially in a highly competitive niche like travel and tourism. Here are some practical tips, as well as a travel agent resume sample you can rely on to build your own CV.

Make It Unique

Most people commit the grave mistake of building an average resume that doesn’t stand out. HR professionals go through dozens of applications. Anything that isn’t memorable will quickly be discarded.

You don’t have to stick to a certain style or format in order to impress. You need something unique. There’s nothing wrong with adding a small summary in the beginning of the resume. Use these first few sentences to outline your most prominent skills and why these make you a successful travel agent.

Put Emphasis on Specific Skills

Most travel agents tend to have the same skills. If you’ve managed to specialise in a particular sub-niche, you should definitely prioritise that information in your resume.

Any professional courses and certification programs that you’ve participated in will be great in terms of standing out from the crowd. Are you familiar with some of the newest customer relationship software options on the market? List that information in your resume and make it prominent. Do you have intimate knowledge of a certain destination or a type of tourism? Outline this information, as well.

Relevant Experience

What types of customers have you worked with in the past? Corporate travelers? Young individuals? Potential employers will be interested in such past experiences.

A good resume lists solely relevant experiences. If you’ve had an internship during your second year in college, you may want to avoid this information or put it towards the end of your resume.

As already mentioned, HR experts deal with dozens of applications on a daily basis. They don’t have the time to go through pages until they reach the relevant information. Most often, they’ll care about your customer service, communication and relevant travel industry skills. If you’ve worked for some of the most reputable companies in the field, you should make sure that this information is diligently presented, as well.

Go Through the Job Ad Carefully

Writing a universal resume that you use to apply for all kinds of jobs is far from a good idea. Potential employers care for one thing – personalisation.

Read the entire job ad carefully. If the company has certain requirements in terms of application, you should make sure that the resume adheres to all of those. Individuals that fail to address all of the application requirements will lose the opportunity to move on to the interview phase.

Travel Agent Resume Sample

Now that you’re familiar with the essentials, it’s time to take a look at a great travel agent resume sample.

First Name, Last Name


Phone number

E-mail address + link to website or LinkedIn profile

Experience Summary:

I’m a travel agent having [x] years of experience in the fields of [list all of your specializations]. During my years of employment at [name of company], I worked with dozens of clients and helped them choose the right destination through professional retail travel consulting.

Employment History:

Aug 2012 – Present: Retail Consultant at [name of company]

  • Responsible for discussing client requirements and providing information about destinations, travel products and tours

  • Responsible for preparing suggestions and programs for clients

  • Worked with ticketing and accommodation booking program

  • Confirmed reservations

  • Processed visa applications and provided information/assistance for international travel

  • Trained new staff members

May 2009 – July 2012: Travel Agent at [name of company]

  • Implemented sales marketing strategies, made presentations and worked on new client acquisition

  • Resolved common client problems to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction

  • Booked approximately 5,000 dollars worth of bookings on a weekly basis

  • Worked with repeat customers due to satisfaction with communication and service provided

  • Advised clients about tour, destination and attraction selection

  • Provided additional assistance with visas, documents, insurances and ticketing


Obtained a bachelor of arts (BA degree) in hospitality management from Ontario Hospitality and Tourism University. Participated in the program from September 2005 to June 2009.

Member of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies

Member of the Association of Retail Travel Agents

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