Top 10 Least Expensive Colleges in the U.S. to get Your College Degree

Finding the best college harbors on many aspects. While looking at tuition costs, course offerings, and academic environment, it is important to see the college experience as a good fit. Tuition costs typically don’t describe the quality of the university, and today’s educational opportunities reach as even as far into the internet. In fact, the most recent U.S. Department of Education enrollment survey discovered 5.5. Million US students are taking online courses, with half of those taking online classes exclusively. Credentialed online schools are redefining how to get a college education. Many universities curriculum have courses offered online. Students are choosing to ‘mix it up’ with a healthy balance between on site classes and online courses. The most affordable college will be the one with the best value, not just a lower cost. Here are some well-rounded, inexpensive selections below.

Although a liberal arts work college, they also offer programs in physics, biology, and chemistry. Located in Kentucky, Berea College is unique in the educational arena. Each student is awarded a four-year tuition scholarship and in exchange they enter a labor program which teaches them valuable work skills and habits, basically preparing them for the workforce after graduation. They look at GPA’s of at least 3.0, and extracurricular activities of their applicants. The average annual amount of costs is $2,382 and students without the financial aid can expect to pay around $6,946 a year (but most students do qualify for an attractive financial aid package).

This university is the largest religious university in the United States. It has high academic reputation and is more difficult to get into. In order to get in, the applicant has to be endorsed by the Church of Latter-day Saints, or interviewed by the Saints Bishop. The applicant’s scores must be high, and community involvement is favored. BYU also offers self-paced online courses now. The average yearly tuition is only$4,710.

Chapel Hill is well known as a research university, dedicated to providing quality education for over 200 years. They are specialized in the study of cancer. All students are required to get a broad liberal education and then opt for specialized studies at the beginning of their junior year. They offer both online and traditional classes. Chapel Hill has 71 degree programs and a low cost of $7,694 tuition.

This seasoned university has been around since 1819, once led by Thomas Jefferson. In order to take advantage of this low cost tuition, they require excellent transcripts demonstrating proficiency in English, math, foreign language and science. There are four undergraduate schools available, plus online classes for working adults. Applicants wishing for the online programs are required to have 60 hours of transferable credit. The average tuition for the University of Virginia is $12,006.

Rice University is recognized for the engineering programs and is ranked as one of the top 10 programs in the country repeatedly. Students can graduate with one or more of 50 degrees offered in 6 areas of studies. For the Shepherd School of Music, applicants are required to audition, and an electronic portfolio is required for the School of Architecture. There are stricter requirements to get in here, but worth the value of the tuition for a well-respected college. Tuition here will run about $36,610.

Capella has come a long way since beginning one of the earliest online universities. To their advantage, 39,000 students attend the accredited college. Students are offered a variety of choice degree studies such as Business, Technology, Psychology, Nursing, Education, and Public Service. The school’s mission is to offer adult students from all over the world the opportunity to get an education at a lower cost. Capella only requires the applicants to have a high school diploma or GED to get a tuition cost of around $11,700. 86

Another online college, Walden is a private institution which requires applicants to be 24 years of age or older. Students who are younger must show some transferable college credits to get in. This school encourages veterans and military member to attend. They offer a wide variety of different areas of degrees such as Human Services, Psychology and Accounting. The average cost of tuition for Walden comes in around $11,000per year.

Western Governors University caters to those who cannot adhere to a strict class schedule, such as working adults. The school’s flexible programs are gaining in popularity. The online college requires the applicant be at least 16 years old, and has a high school diploma/GED. For some programs, more requirements are necessary. This growing online school brings the tuition in low at $2,890 per each six-month term or around $5,780 a year.

This college is billed as an “Un-party school” or “Serious U” due to a strict singular focus on only academics. AIU is an international for-profit university located Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. They also offer a scholarly online curriculum. There are numerous bachelor degree programs available in one of their five undergraduate schools. The tuition is $13,590 per year or for a bachelor’s degree total cost is$54,360. 68

Liberty is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and is a private Christian college specializing in resident and online programs. They are ranked one of the best online accredited colleges due to the high graduation and high retention rates. This reputable online university offers more than 160 fully accredited programs. The applicants to this school typically have an average 3.31 GPA, 22 score on ACT, and the math and reading on the SAT is at least 1035. The good grades are worth the tuition cost which totals $6,482 if you are from Virginia; out-of-state students will pay $11,163.

Every educational institution has something unique-to-them to offer. College can be very expensive and should be researched thoroughly before making a selection. Picking a college which fits your individual and scholastic needs will better ensure your success in getting that beloved degree.

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