Top 25 shocking X-ray Images

Many might think that X-ray Technologists have boring jobs. In reality, looking at X-rays might be much more intense than people think. This list shows the 25 shocking X-ray images that will convince you that taking X-rays might not be as mundane as it seems.


This x-ray shows a hand grenade inside a terrorist’s stomach. There is only one problem for this terrorist. How is he going to detonate it?


This kidney stone is larger than an ostrich egg. The 7-inch kidney stone was found in a Hungarian patient.


No one is entirely sure how this light blub could get into a prisoner’s large intestine. Not the doctors and not even the prisoner himself.


Falling from a high surface, Ron Hunt’s drill tore through his eye socket and came out on the other side of his head. The miracle is, Hunt survived this accident!


After swallowing an electric blanket, a 12 python living in Idaho needs surgery to remove the entangled wires.


Hiding engagement rings in food may not be a good idea. A future groom from New Mexico hid this ring in a milkshake and found it was some time before his bride was wearing the ring on her finger.


This X-ray shows Chen Liu, who was killed with a nail gun in 2008. Looking at the image, investigators could be certain of the cause of death.


This image shows what happens when doctors misplace the scissors during surgery. These are scissors found 18 months after surgical procedure performed in Australia.


After falling from a ladder, Ha Wei found himself with a long welding rod stuck in his head. Amazingly, he survived the incident.


James Valentine found this chainsaw rooted in his neck and shoulder when it kicked back into him. At the time of the accident, Valentine was simply pruning trees.


This construction worker fell off 8 foot high scaffolding and landed on a metal bar, which penetrated his body from his anus to his chest. Luckily, he recovered.


After 48 years, a bullet is removed from this Chinese woman’s head. Oddly enough, she did not even know she had been shot.


This X-ray image leaves us questioning some diet choices. For some reason, this patient swallowed two forks, a ballpoint pen and a toothbrush.


This colored X-ray image shows what a safety pin looks like when it is lodged in a patient’s throat. How it got there is anybody’s guess.


Eighteen months after the toy disappeared, a £1,000 operation removes a rubber duck from a dog’s gut


A two-year-old Brazilian boy was found with as many as 50 needles inside his body. The needles had been inserted one at a time.


Eleven-year-old sharpshooter, Liu Cheong was practicing with friends and teachers when the unexpected happened. Cheong was shot with a 16-inch arrow, which stuck in his head and narrowly missed his brain.


Lakshmi Tatma was born joined to a “parasitic twin.” The twin stopped developing in her mother’s womb but Tatma was born eight limbs, four kidneys, entangled nerves, two stomachs and two chest cavities.


Prax Sanchez coughed up a nail that that was stuck in his sinus cavity. Even stranger, the nail had been there for more than 30 years.


Stabbed more than three years before, a Florida woman finds part of the knife is still located in her jawbone.


Generally, you would be upset to find needles left in your skin after an acupuncture session. This patient might have had the pain eased by the fact that these needles were made of gold.


It seems that someone missed the keyhole and these keys wound up in a patient’s eyes.


The man X-rayed in this image originally claimed he did not know why he was suffering from stomach pain. Doctors later learned that he had shoved this glass bottle into his own buttocks and tried to remove it with a steel wire.


Though he survived, it looked unlikely for this solider who had a knife embedded 4 inches into his head


This doctor shows the image of a fork inside a woman’s stomach. The Israeli woman had tried to catch a bug that flew into her mouth. It is likely that she did not succeed.

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