Top 5 Best Colleges for Interior Design around the World in 2018

Top 5 Best Colleges for Interior Design around the World in 2018

While most of the architecture schools around the world have studios where students can learn about interior design, it should be noted that the two fields of study are actually quite different and should branch out on their own. Nowadays, numerous universities in several countries have implemented change that allows students to study interior design exclusively. Interior design is a multi-faceted profession where creativity and technical know-how are needed to overcome structural problems while achieving a beautiful interior environment.

Interior designers put knowledge, problem-solving skills, creativity, and a touch of aesthetic vision to create an environment that is both pleasing to the eye and to government regulations. Development of knowledge and skills in design analysis, interior construction, programming, space planning, materials, building equipment, and building codes are all necessary for creating successful interior designers.

The following segment will focus on the top five best interior design colleges in the world. If you have a yearning to become an interior designer, then obtaining a degree from any one of these prestigious colleges could truly equip you with the knowledge required to become successful in the field.

1. Pratt Institute – New York, USA

Pratt Institute is proud to be one of the country’s most diverse multicultural epicenters that offer courses on business, arts, and design. The teaching faculty consists of multiple world-renowned artists and scholars in their respective fields, and the institute’s unparalleled teaching facilities provide the discipline needed to expand your creative potential. Pratt has a success rate of 93% when it comes to their graduates finding jobs right out the gate. Their motto “Put your passion to work” indicates the school’s never-ending support of their students and graduates in pursuing their passion and building up potential in interior design. The most popular study program of the school offers their students a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design as is accredited by the CIDA. The professors are all accomplished professionals who take their students and transform them from raw potential into measurable successes. Although the School of Design was opened just in 2014, with the help of its alumni and networking efforts throughout the world, the school has secured a place as one of the most top consistently ranking places to learn about interior design and architecture.

2. Florence Design Academy – Florence, Italy

This prestigious academy of design is located in the heart of the capital city of Tuscany. The academy is considered to be the top European school of design, and it’s not hard to see why. The faculty consists of some of the world’s best designers, of which the majority is currently holding senior positions in some of the world’s top design organizations. The facilities used to teach and give practical lessons to their students are top notch, state of the art, and are always updated to suit current trends in all aspects of design. Most people from abroad who go to FDA to study interior design come for the knowledge and experience of working with world-class designers from around the continent but stay for the culture, food, and opportunity to expand their horizons in a new, dynamic environment at the heart of Europe.

3. New York School of Interior Design – New York, USA

NYSID in New York is perhaps one of the most well-known interior design colleges in the East Coast of the US and perhaps the globe. The school offers a one-year course for learning about the basics of interior design, as well as an associate degree in interior design in a two-year study program. However, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of interior design through their four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program. The school enrolls only a small group of undergraduates yearly so competition is fierce. However, there is a very good reason for this: from the alumni of 2016-17, 98% of the undergrads and 100% of their graduates were employed shortly after graduation. The school offers three highly developed undergraduate programs, the most popular being a four-year stint to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Currently, the school offers either on-campus courses, online courses, or a combination of both.

4. Vancouver College of Art and Design – Vancouver, Canada

VCAD is the best school of design in Canada. Its diverse curriculum and staff of some of the country’s most renowned experts of the field offer the chance to its design students to gain a fresh perspective and build a career that lets them bring their dreams to life. The school offers four different undergraduate programs to choose from interior decorating, game development, graphic design, and 3D modeling animation. Students get the opportunity to learn to create beautiful residential and industrial space designs and internal layouts. In the fifth term of your study course at the school, you learn how to design based on environmental sustainability which is not commonly taught even in some world-class design schools. Whether you’re looking to design the interior environment of a residence or a commercial or public building, VCAD can offer you both the knowledge and first-hand experience with their numerous networks companies throughout the country.

5. Dublin Institute of Design – Dublin, Ireland

Whether you’re looking for a quick six- to ten-week course on interior design or a higher degree in the field, Dublin Institute of Design in Ireland has you covered. The institute is located just across the street from Trinity College Dublin, in the heart of the educational district of Ireland’s capital city. A Bachelor of Arts degree from the esteemed institute will practically ensure their graduates with good standings land a spot in almost any design firm of their choice. The three-year Bachelor of Arts program offers students a creative and exciting curriculum in interior design what will well-equip them with the knowledge and practical know-how of the business and art. They also offer knowledge on how you can begin your own design firm if you’re planning on making it on your own, though they offer several after-graduation services to their alumni in search of either freelance jobs or a full-time job.

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