Top 50 Radiology Technology Companies to Watch

Radiology is an essential field that detects what is initially unseen, saves lives and supports medical breakthroughs. Technological advances in radiology have allowed doctors to diagnosis illness and treat patients. The technology is often well known and includes things like, X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Many companies are leading the field in new contributions. The following list offers an overview of the top 50 radiology companies to watch in 2015. These companies will be the ones to make important advances in the years to come. They were selected with consideration to their awards, contributions to the field and their service to customers.

1. ZONARE Medical Systems

2. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

3. Fonar

4. UMG Medical Imaging

5. Swissray

6. Aurora Advanced Breast Imaging

7. Carestream

8. Shimadzu

9. Cook Medical

10. iCRco

11. Phillips Medical Systems

12. Elekta

13. Nordion

14. Planmed

15. Amicas, Inc.

16. Cannon Medical

17. FujiFilm Medical Systems

18. Vital Images

19. Imaging Equipment

20. NDC Company

21. Lupica Medical Systems

22. Dunlee

23. Fischer Bloom

24. Shared Imaging

25. Varian Medical Systems

26. Wolverine X-ray 

27. Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.

28. Aktina Medical

29. Medical Imaging /IMCO, Inc.

30. InfiMed


32. OREX

33. All Star X-ray Inc.

34. Siemens Healthcare USA

35. Jones X-Ray

36. GE Healthcare

37. Ozark Imaging Inc.

38. Radisphere

39. Excel Imaging

40. Alogtec

41. AMD Technologies

42. Holorad

43. Covidien

44. ScImage

45. SonoSite Inc

46. TeraRecon Inc.

47. Varian Medical Systems Inc.

48. Vital Images

49. Sound-Eklin

50. MIR

Radiology is ever changing. With software, inventions and equipment, companies on this list are creating a productive and innovative future for radiology technology.

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