University of Bridgeport Tuition, Costs and Financial Aid

University of Bridgeport Tuition, Costs and Financial Aid

The University of Bridgeport is a private, co-ed university founded in 1927. It is named for the seaside city it was built in, Bridgeport, Connecticut, located only an hour's drive north of New York City. It is home to many renowned, award-winning academic programs, with a selection of over 120 graduate and graduate degree programs. Two-thirds of the university's classes have fewer than 20 students and less than 1% have more than 50. The University of Bridgeport has a student-faculty ratio of 17:1 with a freshmen retention rate of 63%.

The University of Bridgeport enrolls about 3,000 undergraduate students. The majority of its students are female, with a gender distribution of 63% female to 36% male students. On-campus lodging is popular; about 44% of the University of Bridgeport's student population lives in housing that is college-owned or -operated. 95% of campus housing is coed dorms

The university is a shining example of globalization and diversity. The university enrolls more than 5,500 students (2017-2018). 20% of these students are international students, hailing from more than 80 countries around the world.  CEOs, professional athletes, world-renowned musicians, and Fred DeLuca, co-founder of the popular Subway sandwich franchise, are among its notable alumni.

Students can participate in more than 50 clubs and extracurricular activities. The university has several active Division II sports teams, and neighbors Beardsley Park and Connecticut's only zoo. Theaters and museums are walking distance from the campus grounds.

The University of Bridgeport is a Tier 2 National University. The average student GPA at the university is 3.0 with students scoring an average of 1000 points on their SATs. Roughly 80% of undergraduate students at the University of Bridgeport go on to get their masters degrees. The university is home to thirteen schools and institutes.

The University of Bridgeport has one of the highest ranking online degree programs in the world. In 2013, the University of Bridgeport's online bachelor's degree program ranked #12 in the world. The institution is known for its engineering and computer science programs; its online Information Technology program ranked #4 in the world in 2013.

In 2018, global security firm ADT placed the University of Bridgestone at the top of its list of the safest campuses in the state of Connecticut. The university employees 40 security personnel that patrol campus grounds around the clock. The University of Bridgestone was awarded the Jeanne Clery Campus Safety Award for its initiative in adopting modern technology and taking steps to provide non-stop protection for students at all hours of the day.

Applying at the University of Bridgeport

The application deadline at the University of Bridgeport is rolling, with an application fee of $25. Your ACT or SAT test scores must be received by the university by August 1st. The university has a relatively high acceptance rate of 58%. Admission interviews aren't required but they can help improve your chances of acceptance.

The University of Bridgeport accepts transfer student applications three times a year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. You must have earned at least 12 credits in your previous university with a minimum GPA of 2.

International student applications are accepted three times a year with the following deadlines:

Fall - August 1st

Spring - May 25th

Summer - April 1st

International students must submit a separate application form. For more information, contact the University of Bridgeport's Director of International Affairs, Yumin Wang.

Tuition and Costs

The vast majority (96%) of full-time undergraduate students at the University of Bridgeport receive at least some form of financial aid, with the size of the average grant at around $8,000.

Average tuition and fees at the University of Bridgeport total to $32,250 as of 2018. The School of Arts & Sciences, School of Design, School of Engineering, and School of Public and International Affairs all have a full-time tuition fee of $15,375. At the School of Dental Hygiene, tuition will run you $18,300 per semester. Tuition at the University of Bridgestone's School of Nursing costs $17,025 per semester. Various other fees such as government fees, general fees, and orientation fees are not included in tuition.

Health insurance is required for all students, both domestic and international, with an annual cost of $1,600. Health insurance for new students admitted during the Spring pay a reduced cost of $920 for their first year of campus insurance.  Domestic students with pre-existing personal insurance can waive this health insurance fee if their current insurance is deemed to offer sufficient coverage. International students can not waive this fee for any reason, without exception. Students enrolled in the University of Bridgeport's online learning programs, IDEAL, graduate students of the school, students that don't reside in campus lodging, and part-time students are neither covered nor charged under the University of Bridgestone's insurance plan.

International students participating in the university's ESL (English as a Second Language) program should expect to pay around $5,300 per semester for tuition in the University of Bridgestone's English Language Institute. You can also apply for only morning or evening classes to reduce tuition costs for your ESL program. Around 5% of University of Bridgestone students have enrolled in the school's ESL program -- the highest percentage in the nation.

Reports for the period of 2017-2018 show that the average cost for room and board in or around the University of Bridgeport campus is $13,590. Prospective students can find the university's online net price calculator here. This useful tool provides a rough estimate of net prices you will pay to go to school here based on your GPA and the financial information you provide.

Roughly 84% of full-time undergraduate students apply for need-based aid. On average, 59% of students' need-based aid was granted, with 81% of all applicants receiving aid in some form.

Domestic students can submit applications for federal student aid under the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as October 1st. The University of Bridgeport has a history of working together with grant and scholarship providers to lighten students' financial load. Enquire via e-mail or at a student center for detailed information on more than 35 scholarship opportunities.

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