Washington University Enters Top Online Law Degree Market

Washington University School of Law cruised into uncharted territory when they chose to offer a new online law degree. Back in January of 2013 they announced to the world their new program and it left the educational community stunned. WashULaw, is the first and only top-tier online LL.M. with a U.S. law emphasis, building on the law school’s already internationally recognized law degree program.

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The prestigious law school tightly focused the degree on a Master’s of Law in U.S. law for foreign lawyers (LLM) but not a Juris Doctorate Degree (JD). Those who aspire to be lawyers consider the JD to be the blue chip choice and it is a classic degree highly sought for trial lawyers. Washington University School of Law is embracing technology to expand its presence in the global education market.

This is significant because the American Bar Association (ABA) has refused to approve any online JD degree at this time. Instead, the ABA approved residential law schools like Washington University to add a new online law degree at master’s level.

There are other schools which are ABA approved to offer an online law degree. The environmental law master’s degree is available at Vermont Law School, with this program’s start in 2009. Another solid school, Loyola University offers an online master’s in health and the University of Alabama offers an online master’s in taxation law. There is a host of colleges which offer master’s degrees in healthcare and technology.

All these schools target their enrollment to business professionals who are looking to navigate the legal and regulatory restrictions imposed on their industries.

A trailblazer for global business

Washington University School’s target population is aimed at foreign applicants who want to remain in their own country, but still study abroad. Many economic professors have claimed this is a smart move extending the elite American education brand to foreign markets.

Washington limits their online classes to 15 students per semester. Instruction includes virtual classroom discussion with all interactive technologies, and the option to immerse on the campus during summer semester. Candidates for this program must meet the same selective admissions criteria as the on-campus law program.

State-of-the-art online technologies integrate live classroom sessions with self-paced content. The faculty and students meet at scheduled times for coursework discussions and face-to-face meetings. The platform allows students to join communities with classmates and professors 24 hours a day.

The summer immersion program offers law students an intensive opportunity to work in St. Louis, Washington D.C. and many other U.S. cities to gain valuable experience inside and outside of the courtroom and law firms.

Through partnering with leading technology companies, Washington has delivered a rigorous degree program online with a combination of instructional design, marketing, technology and infrastructure support in a progressive mission. They have assumed a strong leadership role in online learning.

About Washington University School of Law

Washington University is a top-tier Law School, and remains as a prestigious educational system identified as such from all around the world. If you are considering furthering your degree in law, here is contact information for the university.

Washington University School of Law offers students an outstanding legal education in an intellectually challenging and collegial environment. With faculty members recognized for excellent teaching and scholarship, a student body among the most selective in the country, and an increasingly global and diverse community, we strive to prepare graduates for the quickly evolving legal and business environment. @WashULaw is an example of our school’s efforts to innovate using technology and new teaching methods as we pursue our mission to be the best place in the United States to learn to be a lawyer.

Washington University School of Law
Jessica Martin, Law School News Director

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