What is the Job Outlook for X-Ray Technicians?

Is it a good idea to become an X-ray technician? Professions in the medical field are generally considered to be quite attractive, which is why so many individuals pursue such opportunities. How about the field of radiologic technology? Studies suggest that the demand for such professionals will grow steadily in the years to come, opening new workplaces and maintaining the stability of the employment option.

Career Outlook Overview

An aging Western population and the overwhelming prevalence of chronic diseases are expected to increase the demand for skilled professionals in the field in the years to come, US News reports.

According to Bureau of Labour Statistics data, the projected growth for these professionals is to reach 21 per cent in the period until 2022. This percentage is much higher than the national average for all occupations.

The percentage also translates in more than 41,500 new workplaces for professionals that have experience in the field of radiologic technology. The employment prospects are particularly beneficial for the individuals that may be interested in working at a surgical or a general medical hospital.

The upward mobility in the field is also good. This is a medical field that’s heavily dependent on technological developments. As a result, the X-ray technicians that are familiar with the newest developments in the field are the ones that enjoy the best career growth opportunities. To stay competitive, X-ray technicians will constantly have to work on improving their skills. The efforts, however, will most definitely pay off.

Career Outlook in Canada

The situation in Canada is very similar to the employment picture in the US . The demand for X-ray technicians has grown and as a result, many young individuals have pursued education in the field.

The average annual growth rate for X-ray technologists for the period until 2017 is expected to reach 3.4 per cent in Canada . In comparison, the annual growth for all occupations is 0.8 per cent.

Salary Information for X-Ray Technicians in the US and Canada

The field obviously appears to be quite stable but what does it have to offer in terms of remuneration? The salaries of radiation technologists both in the US and Canada are quite lucrative, whether these professionals choose part-time or full-time employment options.

The median annual salary is 42,160 dollars. Part-time X-ray technicians make an average of 18 dollars per hour. The part of the country where these professionals work and their experience will both be determining for the salary.

The best-paid professionals in the field make 58,128 dollars per year. When it comes to hourly payments, the most experienced X-ray technicians can make over 40 dollars per hour.

A medical radiation technician in Canada will earn a median annual salary that’s higher than the one these professionals earn in the US – 55,971 dollars. The best-paid professionals in the field can expect their salaries to reach 83,573 dollars. When it comes to hourly payments, the median is 29 dollars per hour and it can reach up to 40 dollars per hour for standard and employment and 59 dollars per hour for overtime.

The most experienced X-ray technicians in Canada can expect to make approximately 15 per cent more than the national rate for these professionals. Individuals that are just entering the field will earn approximately four per cent less than the national average.

Are Alternative Career Paths Available

To paint a complete picture, we’ll also need to examine the alternatives that X-ray technicians have in terms of employment. Can the individuals that have this particular training work in another medical field?

The answer to this question will depend on the professional’s desire to go through a qualification course or through further professional training. If an X-ray technician is willing to do that, there could be additional employment options available.

An X-ray technician could continue studying to become a diagnostic medical sonographer. As associate’s degree in sonography will be needed for that transition. Diagnostic medical sonographers tend to earn quite a lot more than X-ray technicians and the demand for these professionals is expected to grow by 46 per cent in the period until 2022!

An X-ray technician could also consider opportunities to become a nuclear medical technologist, an MRI technologist, CT technologist or supervisor, radiology manager or a radiation therapist (the professionals that administer drugs to cancer patients).

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